What Gas Stations Are Open on Memorial Day Monday 2020?

Gas Stations Open Right Now

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What gas stations are open right now on Memorial Day 2020? Read on for info on some of the biggest chains of gas stations that may be open nearby.


A representative of BP previously confirmed that all BP locations operate on their own so their closures are left up to them. However, most BP stations are open on Memorial Day.


These gas stations are 24/7 in all locations and thus, are open on Memorial Day. Hours are not affected by the holiday. The Buc-cee’s official website states, “All Buc-ee’s are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” If you are planning on getting food at a Buc-cee’s, according to their site, you cannot order ahead of time for large groups but they can accommodate your group upon arrival. NBC reported that Buc-cee’s insists they have made great efforts to ensure the safety of customers, as well as employees, during the COVID pandemic.

Is Costco Closed on Memorial Day?

According to the official Coscto website, all Costco stores are closed on Memorial Day 2020. And, when calling a representative at a Flemington, New Jersey Costco gas station, they confirmed that with the warehouse closed, the gas station is as well.

Exxon & Mobil

Hours vary by location and most of these gas stations are open on Memorial Day. A store locator for Exxon & Mobil is available here.

Holiday Oil Co

A spokesperson from a West Valley City, Utah location confirmed that the gas station company is open on Memorial Day. Holiday Oil Company has more than 58 locations.

Hy-vee Gas

An Oakdale, Minnesota store representative confirmed that Hy-vee Gas Stations are open on Memorial Day. Hy-vee has a “gas finder” when trying to locate one of their stations.

Kwik Trip

When speaking with a press representative for Kwik Trip, they stated, “We do not change our hours for Holidays. We do not currently have any promotions for Memorial Day.” So, if you are stopping by a Kwik Trip, they will be open and running on their regular schedule.


Locations are 24/7 for Maverick and are, in turn, open on Memorial Day.

Quick Chek

Like many gas stations, Quick Chek has both gas stations and convenience stores. A statement from a QuickChek representative read, “All QuickChek stores will be open Memorial Day (and every day — open 365 days a year!). Stores will be open their normal hours, most stores are open 24 hours (where permitted as some municipalities may have limitations).” As for deals going on, the same rep said, “Consumers who download the QuickChek mobile app for the first time can receive a coupon for a free coffee or free fountain drink.”


All locations are open on Memorial Day. A spokesperson from a Sands Spring, Oklahoma store confirmed, “Oh, we are open 24/7. We do not close. We are non-stop over here.” QuikTrip provides online users with a station locator here.


Rutters locations are often known to be open 24 hours and are open on Memorial Day.


“Sheetz is open 365 days a year.” In turn, Sheetz is open on Memorial Day. When it comes to Sheetz’s response to COVID-19, their website states, “We’ve taken several steps over the last week to remain vigilant, including establishing an advisory board of senior leaders and experts in the field of sanitation and food safety. This group is regularly communicating with our stores and evaluating the impact of COVID-19 in every community where we operate. They are also working closely with local health and government officials as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) … In addition to continuing with our routine cleaning procedures, we have added hours to our daily schedule dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing our stores. This effort is focused on high touch surface areas such as gas pumps, touch-screen order points, counter tops, door handles, cash registers, credit machines and ATMs.” These are just some of the preventative measures the company has stated they’ve taken.


Hours vary by location and most are open on Memorial Day, as a spokesperson previously confirmed they are generally open for all major holidays.

Turkey Hill

Most Turkey Hill gas station locations are open on Memorial Day.


Most locations are open on Memorial Day, as confirmed by a spokesperson from a Bridgewater, New Jersey location. According to the East Harris County Manufacturers Association, “Valero Energy Foundation has committed $1.8 million to support organizations on the frontlines” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joe Gorder, Valero Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The health and the safety of our employees, our families, and our communities are critically important. We are blessed to be able to continue supporting our community partners as we all work together to overcome this extraordinary situation.”


Confirmed by a company representative, all Wawa store locations are open on holidays, though some may have limited hours.

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