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FOX "Labor of Love," a new reality series following 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann's journey to become a parent, premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

Labor of Love, the new reality series following 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann’s unorthodox journey to become a parent, premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. The reality series is similar to The Bachelorette, although Katzmann is hoping to find a potential man to father her children instead of a husband.

The official description of the series reads, “This summer, FOX levels up dating to mating by taking viewers along on one woman’s unconventional journey toward potential love and motherhood with the new unscripted show LABOR OF LOVE.”

We’ve got a rundown of the new series below, including the show’s schedule, details on the first challenge, and more:

New Episodes Air Thursday Nights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox

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New episodes of Labor of Love air Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. The series follows Katzmann as she meets with 15 potential partners, all ready for fatherhood and vying for Katzmann’s heart (and womb?). It’s unclear at this time if Katzmann is looking for a partner, a husband, a co-parent or just a sperm donor; the trailer, which can be viewed above, doesn’t reveal much in terms of the end goal.

The description of Episode 1, titled “15 First Dates,” reads, “Series premiere of a dating series focusing on Kristy Katzmann, a 41-year old, smart, successful and beautiful career woman who is ready to have a child and start a family, but has yet to meet the potential father of her children.”

The reality dating experiment runs for eight weeks, so viewers can likely expect at least eight episodes, although details on the official schedule are unclear at this time. Like The Bachelorette, the contestants will go through a series of challenges each week to test their parenting skills and determine how compatible they are with Katzmann. There is no rose ceremony, and Katzmann can eliminate or keep any (or all) of the contestants until the very end, if she so chooses.

Katzmann is Open to Finding Love OR a Sperm Donor

As mentioned above, the premise of the show is still a bit cloudy. According to Parade, ahead of the series premiere, producers stressed that the concept and format of the show is still entirely new. “It’s very different from anything that you’ve seen before on any dating show,” executive producer Spike Van Briesen said.

As for what Katzmann is looking for? That’s also unclear. “Kristy is open to everything,” Van Briesen said, adding that she was keeping “both [her] heart and mind open” throughout the process. “Ultimately, her goal is to find the best path to parenthood. If she finds that person and they both make a connection, then great. But she’s not opposed at all to using a sperm donor,” Van Briesen added.

According to AJC, the very first “challenge” in the experiment is to check each of the 15 contestants’ sperm count. Each man enters a mobile collection center to generate a sample, and later, a fertility doctor announces some of the results and crowns the man with the highest count, so fans have plenty to look forward to from the premiere.

Labor of Love airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Fox. In the meantime, you can find all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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