Are Whitney Way Thore & Fiancé Chase Severino Still Together?

Whitney Way Thore

Instagram Some fans on Reddit noticed Whitney Way Thore removed some pictures of her fiancé, Chase Severino.

Some fans on Reddit noticed My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore removed some pictures of her fiancé, Chase Severino, and wondered if they were still together. Though some pictures might have been removed, it appears Severino and Thore have not split.

Neither Thore nor Severino have issued statements about the status of their relationship. reached out to Thore, Severino and representatives at TLC but did not immediately hear back.

While some netizens claimed Thore was no longer following her fiancé on Instagram, it appeared they were both following each other at the time this article was published.

Whitney Way Thore Removes Pictures of Fiancé Chase Severino From Instagram

The couple has not been quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, Thore is isolating with her mom, Babs, and three cats.

Thore and Severino met in New Year’s Eve 2018. They started dating in April 2019. It was Thore’s first public relationship since her split from boyfriend Avi Lang.

Though pictures of Severino appear to have been removed from her Instagram page, Thore still has photos of her engagement ring. Severino proposed in October during a vacation in Paris. Cameras for her TLC reality show were there to capture the moment. Two months later, Thore told fans about the engagement.

There still are some traces of Severino. He appears in a boxing video where she gives him a kiss, and Thore hasn’t removed pictures and videos that showcase her ring. “The ring is honestly the least important thing to me about being engaged to the man I love but DAMN HE DID SO WELL!” she wrote in December. “It’s yellow sapphire, diamonds, and white gold and I’m in LOVE! You can all meet him on Jan. 7.”

Thore recalled the magical moment where Severino proposed at the Eiffel Tower during an exclusive interview with The Knot in March. “I was posing for a photo—Chase was behind me, and I thought he was taking a picture of me looking out over Paris, but when I turned around, he was on his knee holding out a ring,” she told the publication.

Thore, 35, had no idea Severino was going to propose. “I gasped and I think he just said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I don’t remember what I said, but I was totally in shock and it was obvious that my answer was yes,” she recalled to The Knot. “We kissed and hugged and then went back down to the bottom and across the street where some of my friends were waiting. Then, we called my parents and shared the good news.”

Whitney Way Thore Talked About Her Wedding With Chase Severino in March

In March, the star told her fans that her wedding to Severino would be filmed for My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Soap Dirt reported. In the same interview, Thore revealed she didn’t help her fiancé pick out the wedding ring and said she would like to include her cats if possible. Thore added that Severino and her best friend Buddy Bell are on good terms, but they’re not exactly best friends. There previously was some tension considering Bell and Thore have long had a flirty relationship and even kissed on camera once.

Some Fans Aren’t Convinced The Romance Is Real

In the same Reddit thread that talked about Thore and Severino deleting pictures of each other, a few raised the question about My Big Fat Fabulous Life being scripted. One of the examples was that Thore’s kiss with Bell seemed to come out of nowhere. It also briefly caused tension between Thore and friend Heather Sykes, who previously dated Bell.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss My Big Fat Fabulous Life when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

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