Malia White Has a New Boyfriend Named Tom Checketts on ‘Below Deck Med’

Malia White Below Deck Boyfriend


This season on Below Deck MediterraneanMalia White is back. She was previously on the show in season two when she was involved in a love triangle. This time around, she boards the yacht in a committed relationship with a man named Tom Checketts.

Checketts is a yacht chef according to his Instagram biography, and White has said that she doesn’t usually date anyone outside the Yachting industry.

“But in yachting we hardly date people outside of the industry as our lifestyle is a pretty difficult one to have a normal life/relationship because we are always at sea. My bf and I happen to work on a yacht as a ‘team’ which is very common,” she told a fan.

Malia Calls Her Boyfriend Her “Favorite Person”

Recently, White has been posting on Instagram with her boyfriend, Tom Checketts. He’s also a yacht head chef, traveler, sailor and adventurer, according to his Instagram biography. They’ve been together since at least March 2019 when she began sharing pictures of their adventures together.

The couple met in October 2018 according to an Instagram post. On October 15, 2019, White shared “This time last year we were just meeting for the first time. Now, you’re my favorite person.”

White recently shared a newer photo, writing “Missing weekends in Amsterdam with @tomjchecketts,” and he commented, writing “I miss you too Gorg.”

It’s clear, then, that White will likely not be involved in an on-deck relationship this season, leaving that drama to others on the ship.

The Couple Vacationed To Fiji and France

Since their relationship began, the couple has traveled the world. They have posted pictures from Nice, France and Amsterdam as well as photos from Fiji and referenced a trip to Hawaii.

The first photo they posted together was taken in the UK. White captioned the photo “Rule #1: Never leave a fellow crasher behind.”

She later shared a photo of the couple together in Fiji in front of blue waters, writing, “First salty kiss in Fiji. Next one… Hawaii.” She labeled the photo a throwback, so it’s not clear when it was originally taken.

They also traveled together to New Orleans, Napa, Miami and New York City.

White joins the newest season of Below Deck Med as the first female Bosun, which she says she wouldn’t be without Captain Sandy.

When asked why she decided to come back, she told Vulture there were plenty of reasons.

“I had a lot of fun the first time; it was my first time on a yacht,” she said. “So I wanted to work for captain Sandy again and show her what I’ve learned and how I’ve progressed in my career.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs tonight, June 1, 2020 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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