Drew Sidora’s Husband, Ralph Pittman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ralph Pittman Drew Sidora

Instagram/@drewsidora Drew Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman

Ralph Pittman is married to actress Drew Sidora, the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It’s unclear how often Pittman may be featured in the series. But Sidora teased a possible preview of what to expect of their family life. She shared a video on Instagram on July 6 which shows a hilarious exchange during breakfast. Pittman discovered a nearly-empty container of orange juice in the refrigerator and demanded to know “who did it?” Sidora joked in the caption, “@ralphpittmanjr can be so petty at times🤦🏽‍♀️ Goodmorning to you☀️#morningswiththepittmans or something like that🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ralph Pittman Is a Composer & Owns a Wellness Company That Creates Therapeutic Music

Pittman is a musician and an entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of a wellness company called “My Mind Music.” According to his professional website, the company’s mission was to curate “therapeutic music to promote and improve quality of life. We infuse musical properties known to boost happiness, relaxation and evoke thoughts of peace and serenity.”

Pittman is also the creative voice behind the music. He composed the music for his “My Mind Music for Kids” program, which was intended to help children sleep better. Pittman explained on his site, “We understand the fundamental role sleep plays in physical, emotional and behavioral development. Our goal is to improve quality of life, one musical note at a time.”

Pittman has also used his composing skills in the entertainment industry. He noted on his website that he composed music for the 2017 film Preacher’s Son. His wife was cast as “Tanisha” in the movie.

2. Pittman Is Also a Business Strategist & Studied Business Economics at Rutgers

ralph pittman drew sidora husband

LinkedInRalph Pittman is married to actress Drew Sidora

Music may be Pittman’s passion but he also works in the corporate world. According to his LinkedIn profile, Pittman has been working at Gartner, a research and advisory firm, since 2016. He started there as an “enterprise account executive” while the family was based in Chicago. Pittman became a “client executive” in January 2020 and relocated to Atlanta. He described his role on LinkedIn: “My role is solely focused on understanding the business agenda of Business Leaders in enterprise organizations. Delivering Gartner’s trusted research, analysis and insight helps business leaders ensure the success of their key initiatives and run a world-class organization.”

Prior to joining Gartner, Pittman’s resume included working as an account executive for ADP in Los Angeles, an account manager for Cardinal Health in Edison, New Jersey, and as a strategic account manager focused on health care for the employment website Monster in Chicago.

Pittman attended Rutgers University and graduated with a degree in business economics in 2006. According to his website, Pittman also studied music theory as an undergraduate and played football.

3. Sidora Calls Pittman Her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ & Says Pittman Asked For Her Son’s Permission Before Popping the Question

Sidora first met Pittman in Los Angeles in 2013. She explained in an interview with People that she was in town to promote the VH1 movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. She and her sister noticed Pittman when they arrived at their hotel.

Sidora’s son, Josiah, who was two years old at the time, lost his football as he got out of the car and chased it. Sidora told the magazine, “[Ralph] saw all this and said, ‘Let me help this woman. She needs my help.’ He ran and got the football and said, ‘Aw, little man. You got a football? I played football. Let’s play football.'”

Sidora said her sister pushed her to exchange numbers with Pittman, but the eventual romance took time to get started. They didn’t see each other again until Sidora returned to Los Angeles several months later for another work-related event. She and Pittman connected then and their first date ended up lasting 12 hours.

Sidora said she knew after the first date that Pittman was “the man of my dreams” and described him as her “knight in shining armor.” Pittman clearly felt the same way because he popped the question just three months later. Sidora told People that Pittman asked her to marry him in June 2014. He took her up to the rooftop, which had been decorated with tiki torches and rose petals, at sunrise. The proposal included a video of Pittman asking Josiah “if he could “be his daddy.” (Josiah’s biological father is Sidora’s ex-fiance, record executive Ricky Brascom).

Pittman and Sidora got married two months after the engagement. They had a small beach wedding in Los Angeles. Pittman and Sidora both wrote gushing tributes to each other on Instagram on their fifth wedding anniversary on August 21, 2019. Pittman wrote in part:

5yrs, 3 kids, 2 interstate moves and we’re still grinding!! I thank you for being on this journey. For temporarily stepping away from your career to build our family. For trusting and supporting me. For believing in the vision even when you couldn’t see it. The first 5yrs hasn’t been easy and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next phase of our journey!! I’m so thankful to have you in my life and I love you with all my heart!!

Sidora further praised Pittman:

5 years ago I gave my heart to my best friend, my soulmate, my knight in shining armor, my king, my warrior! You promised to never let me go and 5 years later, you’re still holding me up stronger than ever! Being with you makes me feel like it’s our anniversary every single day! I have been blessed with you by my side, and I cherish you. For these 5 years you have been my strength when I’m weak and helped me up when I fell. Loving me in a very special way and supporting me all the way! I love you for your thoughtfulness, your understanding, I love you for the hopes and dreams you’ve helped to make come true. I love you for the #Blueprint you laid out, I trusted the process and believed in the dream and vision you had for our family! I’m grateful for the balance you bring to my life and it’s been a honor and privilege taking time off to build what truly matters most…..our family! So thank you for this time of balance! 🙌🏽 Not only have I seen the truth in your eyes, you remind me of time itself for you are my past, present, future, and forever! I’m excited to live in this next chapter of our journey; The Progress and Success!! Most of all I love you for you always being you……#Cause everybody else is taken…🥰💋😍😘 Happy 5 Year Anniversary Baby Love @ralphpittmanjr ☀️

4. Pittman & Sidora Are Raising Their Three Children In an Atlanta Suburb

Sidora told People in 2015 that Pittman formally adopted Josiah. She told the magazine that when they got married, Josiah loved to tell other family members that his “Uncle Ralph” had become his “real daddy.”

The couple has since expanded their family. They welcomed another son, Machai David Pittman, in July 2015. According to the Daily Mail, Machai was born more than a month early.

Pittman and Sidora had their first daughter, Aniya Grace, in February 2018. When the couple announced that they were having a girl, Sidora explained that she was excited to have a “little mini-me.” The family now lives in a suburb of Atlanta.

In December 2019, Pittman took to Instagram to pen a special tribute to all fathers and stepfathers:

Christmas was the first time my son JoJo met his biological dad and it was a special moment for our family. Anyone that knows me understands that I advocate for fathers. To no ones fault, I was raised in a single parent household and experienced the void of a fatherly figure. I missed out on valuable lessons, experiences and most importantly, character development. It’s funny, but I use to watch my friends with the side eye to learn things I wasn’t exposed to! I always told myself that if I can play a role to fill the void of another child, I would and now I’m doing it!

Shoutout to all the step dads that step up to be real dads and to uncles, cousins and friends that fill voids. It’s a challenging role, but understand your purpose and impact is greater than any acknowledgement you may or may not receive. To fathers that may not be as present due to whatever circumstance, understand it takes a village to raise a king/queen and please play your part. To all fathers all over the world, I salute you!!

5. Pittman’s Sense of Humor Includes Teasing His Wife About Her Glam Routine

Real Housewives fans may have Pittman’s sense of humor to look forward to when the new season debuts. He has joked about his wife’s “glam” process on Instagram, much to her dismay at the time.

In December 2019, he shared a behind-the-scenes video of Sidora with her hair and makeup team. She was wearing a robe and a hairnet and was not pleased that Pittman was recording. She exclaimed at the beginning of the video, “Are you taking a picture of me right now?” She added, “We did not agree to this!’

Pittman explained, “We in glam right now! This is like the ultimate multi-task. She’s getting her hair done and also the weave done at the same time. This is like genius.” He then sang, “you are so beautiful” while Sidora swiped at the phone with her hand.

Pittman continued joking, “This is incredible. You’re a master. Imagine if I was able to do this. Imagine if I was able to send my hair to get a haircut real quick and I was like, chilling at the house watching a football game. That would be incredible.”

He also wrote in the caption, “I may be sleeping in the guest bdrm for this but 🤷🏾‍♂️. Men need to see this new technology. I wasn’t ready!!!”

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