Which ‘Bachelor’ Villain is Dating a Professional Athlete?

Bachelor in Paradise winner Michelle Money has been dating pro golfer Mike Weir for four years.

Instagram Bachelor in Paradise winner Michelle Money has been dating pro golfer Mike Weir for four years.

Ahead of the episode of The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever that focuses on Brad Womack’s second turn as The Bachelor, here’s an update on Michelle Money, the villain of his season who went on to appear on the second season of Bachelor Pad and win the first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Money is Dating Pro Golfer Mike Weir

If you haven’t heard, Money started dating professional golfer Mike Weir back in 2016, which she revealed on Instagram in August of that year with a post of Weir simply captioned, “Mine” with a heart emoji.

The two have been together ever since. They recently celebrated Weir’s 50th birthday and in the post for the big day, Money called him her “forever boyfriend,” so marriage may not be what they are heading toward. But either way, they seem very happy together.

“Happy 50th Birthday to this incredible man! Most of you know Mike as the lefty golfer from Canada but he is SO much more than that. His dedication to his daughters, his friends, his family, his health, and happiness is what makes him who he really is. Mike is loyal, selfless, nurturing, kind, and open-minded. He is funny and light-hearted and has a heart of gold. He is the love of my life and I am honored to call him my ‘Forever Boyfriend!’ I love you so much, Mike! Cheers to an amazing life ahead of us! 50 looks damn good on you!” wrote Money.

Weir is a professional golfer who holds the distinction of being the only Canadian man to ever win a major tournament — he won the 2003 Masters. His other big PGA tour wins include the Tour Championship in 2001, the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in 2003, and the Nissan Open in 2003 and 2004.

Money Has Accepted Her Role as the Villain of The Bachelor

Money has recently been posting a lot of content about the Black Lives Matter movement as she has come to grips with “the deep-rooted racism within.” She says the work she’s been doing on herself is “deep” and “difficult,” but it’s so important. She also says that part of that work has been accepting the villainous side to herself, something she has been anxious about ahead of the Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons episode about her season.

In an Instagram video, Money says of the episode, “[ABC is] highlighting the season I was on, which a lot of you know has caused me immense stress, immense anxiety in my life … it’s been 10 years. So it’s really caused me to do a lot of introspection on how in the literal hell 10 years later is this still evoking anxiety within me, you know? … I’ve been building up to this interview of ‘what is she doing now, 10 years later?’ and I’m so frustrated that I haven’t been able to let go of a lot of the anger that I had around my experience on the show and being the villain.

“I went and saw my therapist … and this morning I had a huge, huge, aha moment … I had this profound awakening to the truth that I am a villain. I’ve been rejecting this word, but the truth is that I am a villain and I am also the hero. I can give you examples of how I have shown up as a villain in my life and to the people I love the most. I rejected this word and do not want it attached to me, but the truth of the matter is is that I am a human being that has a broad spectrum of characteristics that can be expressed at any time and one of those just so happens to be a villain.”

She continues, “So I this moment of accepting that this is a quality that I possess and the second I accepted it, it was like, ‘Oh! Yeah!’ — We’re all villains, y’all. We all have that characteristic within us that can be expressed at any times … We can all be hateful and mean and vengeful and evil … but until we are able to look at that quality within us and accept it… it keeps us separated from not only our true selves but also each other as human beings.”

The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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