How Long Was Brock Turner in Jail?

Brock Turner Now

Ohio Megan\'s Law Brock Turner is a registered sex offender under Megan's Law in Ohio.

Chanel Miller’s 12-page victim impact statement in the sexual assault case against Brock Turner went viral four years ago, and she has since released a book. Tonight on CBS’s 60 MinutesMiller opens up about the sexual assault case and describes the process of the trial and aftermath.

According to the synopsis for the 60 Minutes episode, “Chanel Miller, the sexual assault victim previously known as ‘Emily Doe,’… tells her story for the first time. She recounts her ordeal after she was assaulted by a Stanford athlete and describes a judicial process she says victimized her all over again.” The episode previously aired in September 2019.

Brock Turner was found guilty of three felonies including assault with intent to rape.

The Prosecutor Asked the Judge For a Six-Year Sentence

Brock Turner in his mugshot taken when he was booked at the Santa Clara County Jail following his sentencing hearing. (Santa Clara County Jail)

According to CNN, the prosecutor, deputy district attorney Aleleh Kianerci, said during the trial that she believed Turner should get a six-year sentence in state prison. She said he lacked remorse, and she believed the narrative around the case centered too much on what Turner had to lose versus what he had done to Chanel Miller.

“A lot of people were looking at what Brock Turner had to lose, versus what he did to Chanel,” she later told 60 Minutes“And so the narrative changed. We were almost on the defensive, explaining why Chanel got too intoxicated instead of focusing the attention on, why did he think it was okay? Why did he think he could take advantage of her when she was in such a vulnerable state?”

Judge Aaron Persky, however, followed the recommendation of probation and county jail time based on Turner’s lack of criminal history and his showing remorse. He also cited the fact that alcohol was involved, which he said impaired Turner’s judgment.

“I think you have to take the whole picture in terms of what impact imprisonment has on a specific individual’s life,” the judge said. “And the impact statements that have been — or the, really, character letters that have been submitted, do show a huge collateral consequence for Mr. Turner based on the conviction.”

Turner Spent Three Months In Jail

On September 2, 2016, CNN reported that Brock Turner was released from jail.

Turner had been sentenced to six months in jail, but because of the Criminal Justice Realignment Act of 2011, offenders in California sentenced to county jail are able to cut their sentences in half as long as they behave.

“For every two days of actual time served, the defendant receives two days of actual time credit and two days of conduct credit,” CNN explains. “for a total of four days of credit, or essentially half-time credit.

“We don’t know who picked him up or where he’s going, but we’re done with him,” Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith told reporters outside the jail after Turner left. “He should be in prison right now, but he’s not in our custody.”

Judge Persky transferred to the civil division and would no longer hear criminal cases at his own request. After his sentencing Turner, state lawmakers passed a bill calling for mandatory prison time for those convicted of committing sexual assaults upon intoxicated or unconscious victims.

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