Below Deck’s Bugsy Denies ‘Conspiracy’ To ‘Sabotage’ Hannah

Hannah Ferrier

Bravo "Below Deck Mediterranean" star Bugsy Drake denied there was a "conspiracy" aboard The Wellington to get rid of Hannah Ferrier.

Below Deck Mediterranean star Bugsy Drake denied there was a “conspiracy” aboard The Wellington to get rid of Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier in a now-deleted tweet. In the post, captured by fan page Bravo By Betches, Drake chastised fans for making the Bravo show seem like it was an episode of Game of Thrones.

“I’m getting so bored of this Bugs, Malia and Sandy ‘plan all along’ conspiracy,” she tweeted. “Please, people, we are all professional in our fields and are in our positions for that exact reason—no time of extra energy to conjure up a ‘little’ plan of sabotage. [You’re] watching [Below Deck Med] not [Game of Thrones].”

Not everyone was convinced of Drake’s denial—including Ferrier. “Well TECHNICALLY we only film for six weeks so that’s 10.5 months to come up with a good plan…” the former chief stew wrote back.

Fans in the comments section seemed split about whether or not Drake was telling the truth–with some agreeing that all the women on the yacht were professionals, with others claiming Captain Sandy Yawn, Bosun Malia White and Drake were out for Hannah.

The following day, Ferrier defended Drake. “Hey guys–thanks so much for all your kind words and support. I feel like Bugs has been pulled into this situation so I want to make something clear,” she tweeted. “I don’t believe Bugs had anything to do with the photo being sent to sandy or the subsequent consequences.”

When a fan noted that Drake still wasn’t on Ferrier’s side even if she had nothing to do with the photo, the yachter defended her co-worker further. “I know. But those are 2 different things and there’s obvs a lot of hate coming about the photo etc so I don’t want Bugs dragged into that hate as that’s not fair x,” she added.

Ferrier Was Fired by Yawn, Reports Say

According to a post by Page Six, Ferrier was fired by the captain after one too many transgressions. “Hannah’s crossed the line before” and “eventually went too far,” a source told the news outlet.

It was White who exposed Ferrier, CheatSheet reported, citing a now-deleted post by the boson. “Let me clear the air- medical laws are different at sea and for good reason. NO crew member is allowed to self–administer drugs prescription or not while on a vessel at sea,” she wrote.

“We are CREW and always ‘on duty’ and our primary goal at sea is to ensure safety of all passengers,” she continued. “Mental health issues are a big deal and that’s why we have proper procedures in place. We all read & sign a drugs & alcohol policy before joining any boat- -his is VERY CLEARLY laid out.”

Ferrier Says She Quit Yachting

While reports have swirled that Ferrier was fired from The Wellington, the Australian yachter told Entertainment Tonight in June that she’s done with yachting.

“I learned when I first started yachting in my very early 20s, you know, I would see these women who were in their late 30s, 40s, sitting at a bar, getting wasted with 20-year-olds living in a tiny cabin, and I was like, I don’t want [that],” said the 33-year-old, now pregnant with her first child. I want this to be a good, fun, enriching experience that allows me to travel a lot, but I don’t want to get to the stage where I’m locked into yachting and there’s nothing else in my life except that.”

Ferrier knew she was coming to the end of her career at the beginning of Season 5. “I definitely went into this season going like, I’m here to, like, give the guests the best experience they could have,” she told the outlet. “Is this something that I wanna do even for the next two or three years? Probably not.”

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