YouTuber Leafy’s Account Terminated Due to Harassment & Bullying

Leafy Banned on YouTube

YouTube YouTuber Leafy had his account deleted after uploading a series of videos about another content creator.

On August 21, 2020, YouTuber Calvin Lee “Leafy” “Vail’s account was terminated due to violations of the platform’s terms and service including harassment and bullying.

According to a Tweet from DramaAlert’s Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, the account was terminated with a message regarding “multiple severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

In recent weeks, Leafy had uploaded a series of videos about Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys. In the videos, he alleged that Pokimane had videos deleted from YouTube when they criticized her and claimed that she had a boyfriend that she was hiding from her Twitch subscribers.

Prior to getting banned on YouTube, Leafy tweeted about Pokimane.

“I still don’t get why the t3 subs are angry,” he wrote. “If pokimane breaks up with her boyfriend because of all this then shouldn’t they be thanking me?”

He also tweeted, “Pewdiepie is racist” hours before the ban.

Leafy Faced Backlash Prior to His Account’s Deletion

Days before his account was deleted, Leafy was criticized by a number of streamers and content creators including Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, who said that Leafy was part of a group of YouTubers who make one or two videos a week maximum and then make a lot of money on Patreon.

“Then they turn around and s*** on streamers who literally go live for 6-8 hours every day,” he said during his stream. “Like that’s nuts dude, of course, there’s going to be dead space in between.”

He was referring to the parts of Pokimane’s streams where she would react to other people’s videos while eating her meals, which Leafy called out multiple times in his content about her in the past few weeks.

Leafy Tweeted About Pokimane and Uploaded Videos Criticizing Her Content

During the past couple of weeks, Leafy centered the majority of his content on both YouTube and Twitter around Pokimane, presumably because the content was doing well for him when it comes to impressions.

He targeted her tier-3 subs, saying that they were donating to her and supporting her in hopes that she would notice them. He said in his first video “she has a boyfriend,” and he later tweeted about the situation as well. The term “Pokimane Boyfriend” even trended on Twitter following his first video in the series.

Soon after his video about Pokimane, she announced she was taking a month-long planned vacation from social media. Just two weeks later, she came back to social media in the form of an apology video on YouTube. In the video, she said that it should not matter if she has a boyfriend and she keeps her private life private as a way to protect her work/life balance.

“I personally made the decision seven years ago… that I don’t want my personal life to be part of my content,” she said in the video, showing an old clip of her talking about how many people might be invested in her relationship if she went public with one.

“That’s just what I’m gonna stick by…” she said. “This also creates a healthier divide between my work life and my personal life.”

She also said that she wasn’t hiding any relationship to encourage donations on her channel and she would rather experience her relationship for herself and not under the “scrutiny” of her audience.

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