Is Lifetime’s ‘Beware of Mom’ Based on a True Story?

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Tonight Beware of Mom, Lifetime’s newest original movie, premieres on the network. The movie is a story that takes what it means to be a “cool mom” to the ultimate extreme.

According to the synopsis, “When a new family moves into their cul-de-sac, teenager Kylie quickly makes friends with the family’s daughter, Jessie, whose mother Anna lets the girls stay up late, takes them on adventurous outings, gets them into rocking nightclubs and hosts high school parties at her house.”

The synopsis says that the adventures begin to grow more dangerous and Kylie’s mother grows worried. Things soon get worse when Anna tries to steal Kylie away from her family “by any means necessary.”

Lifetime’s ‘Beware of Mom’ Does Not Appear to Be Based on a True Story

It does not appear that Beware of Mom is based on a true story, but rather an exaggeration of what could happen if someone took being the “cool mom” to an extreme level.

The trailer for the movie shows that things go from bad to worse for Tanya and Kylie very quickly, meaning it’s likely that the movie will be suspenseful all the way through.

“I wish I had you as a mom,” Kylie says in the trailer as images of Anna trying to do anything to keep Kylie and get her daughter, Jessie, a sister, roll on.

The movie is billed as a drama and psychological thriller.

Meet the Cast of ‘Beware of Mom’

The cast of Beware of Mom consists of some actors fans will have seen on other Lifetime movies and some newcomers to the network.

Crystal Allen plays Anna, Jessie’s mother. She’s previously starred in Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Boston Legal and Desperate Housewives. She’s also been in the Hallmark Channel original movie Falling in Love With the Girl Next Door. 

Rene Ashton plays Kylie’s mother, Tanya. She’s an actress and producer who is previously known for This Is Us, Westworld and NCIS: Los Angeles. She has also appeared in a number of other TV series and movies including Deadly Exchange, The Nerd Posse, Backstabbed and others.

Nicolette Langely stars as Kylie. The young actress has a short filmography that was started in 2019 when she played Molly in the TV movie Christmas Matchmakers. She was later in Betrayed, the TV series and is set to appear in Killer Cheerleader. 

Monica Rose Betz portrays Jessie in the movie. She’s previously been seen in Birthmother’s Betrayal and the short College Town. She has also been cast in the upcoming short Love Lost, Life Lost. 

The film also stars Andrea Lee Davis as Zoe, Jessica Buda as Renee, Ashley Puzemis as Lena, Brandon Howell as Carter, Christopher Charles as Doctor McGary, Gar-Ye Lee as Becca, Elaine Lockhart as Nurse Doyle, Holgie Forrester as a Motel Owner, Henry Foster Brown as Detective Clark, Christopher Crabb as Derek and Jordan Bailey as Jenn.

Beware of Mom premieres on Saturday, August 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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