‘Love Island’: Rachel & Kierstan Are the New Female Contestants

Rachel is a new girl introduced at the end of the Love Island season 2 premiere

CBS Rachel is a new girl introduced at the end of the Love Island season 2 premiere

At the end of the Love Island season two premiere, two new women were introduced into the mix: Rachel Lundell and Kierstan Saulter. Here’s what we know about them.

Rachel is For Jeremiah

Jeremiah White had a tough premiere. He was the first guy introduced and no women stepped forward to admit they found him attractive. He ended up picking Cely Vazquez, only to be usurped by Tre Forte. So then Jeremiah ended up with Justine Nbida kind of by default.

The problem was that Justine and Jeremiah had a rapport that was more like siblings than a romantic partnership. So he was stoked when he received a text at the end of the premiere that read, “Islanders! You have company. Jeremiah, you are going on a date. Please join new girl Rachel upstairs in the secret jacuzzi. #WaterWerks #UndressToImpress.”

Rachel Lundell is a 21-year-old college student from Minneapolis, Minnesota and her astrological sign is Aquarius, CBS tells Heavy. Check out Rachel’s Instagram here.

When Jeremiah showed how jazzed he was about this jacuzzi date, Justine looked visibly dismayed — not necessarily out of jealousy, but because she is now in danger of being alone and getting eliminated.

When they showed the previews for tomorrow night, Rachel says she’s “not here to waste time.” Meanwhile, Justine laments the connection she had with Jeremiah and how she is definitely on the outs.

A fan on Twitter predicted after the episode that Justine will indeed be alone after the recoupling. She thinks Jeremiah will couple with Rachel and either Tre or Carrington will couple with Kierstan.

Kierstan Is For Carrington

Kierstan is a new girl introduced at the end of the Love Island season 2 premiere

CBSKierstan is a new girl introduced at the end of the Love Island season 2 premiere

In a similar vein as Jeremiah and Justine, Carrington Rodriguez and Kaitlynn Anderson ended up together almost by default. So at the end of the episode, Carrington was similarly excited to receive word that he too was going to meet a new girl.

Carrington’s text read, “Carrington, get your swim trunks on! You’re going on a date with Kierstan in the secret jacuzzi. #WetNwild #Cozy.”

Kierstan Saulter is a 23-year-old model from Austin, Texas, according to her Instagram. CBS also tells us she’s a bartender and her sign is Cancer. Her LinkedIn profile reads, “I am currently a social influencer for Ignite International and Ignite Social. I promote the Ignite brand as well as create content to be used for recruiting and promotional purposes. I specialize in social media marketing and public relations. I am also a bartender, cocktail waitress, and V.I.P. host at RIO Nightclub and Day club located on West Sixth street in Austin, Texas.”

In the previews, Kierstan says, “I’m ready for you, boys, so you better be ready for me” and she also says she had an “instant attraction” to Carrington.

But how will Kaitlynn and Justine take these ladies coming in to “steal” their men? Reddit is pretty upset about the way Justine is being treated in particular, with one user writing, “I can’t stand is how Justine is getting treated, it’s really hard to watch and I hope things get better for her” and another agreeing that she’s “being done dirty.”

They all seem to really like couples Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott and Moira Tumas and James McCool, though. But will they manage to stay together?

It would not surprise us if Jeremiah couples with Rachel, Carrington couples with Kierstan, and then Kaitlynn scoops up Tre so as not to be left single and eliminated. But who knows? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Love Island airs every night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, with a two-hour weekly recap show airing Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 10 pm. ET/PT. This week, the only night it will be preempted is Wednesday, August 26. It will air all other nights of the week.

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