Real Housewives Star Apologizes to Leah McSweeney on Twitter

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It looks like Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is apologizing for something yet again, and this time, it’s to fellow castmember Leah McSweeney. During the July 30 episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Singer revealed that McSweeney has Bipolar II. However, Singer failed to tell McSweeney that she knew about this before she told the cameras, which means that Singer was talking about it behind her back.

In a July 31 tweet, Singer wrote, “It was never my intention to shame Leah about her mental health issues. I understand its her story to tell. Takes a lot of courage & strength for her to go public in an article about her struggles, which I admire. I only wish her well & want to help support her in the right way.”

However, many fans weren’t buying the apology. One fan replied, “Even for you, that was low. This isn’t an apology, by the way.” Another user replied, “Absolutely not. The right thing would have been to approach LEAH. It could have been a beautiful moment to openly discuss mental illness & help break the stigma. Instead all she did was reinforce it.”

McSweeney Was Angry Over The Comments

McSweeney was angry about the comments that Singer made on last week’s episode about her mental health, calling the comments “repulsive.” During the episode, Singer said that it is dangerous for people to mix bipolar medicine and alcohol, insinuating that that is why McSweeney has gotten so drunk in the past.

In a recent interview with Forbes, McSweeney opened up about how she felt when Singer found out about her Bipolar disorder. “What was upsetting is that this woman thought I was acting as if I had bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, I have been in remission from bipolar for years. Like actually, that’s just me being drunk….and having fun.” McSweeney told Forbes.

McSweeny continued, “Listen, if I was having serious mental health problems while this was going on and she brought it up in a caring way, that’d be a different story. That’s not what it is.”

McSweeney Has Opened Up About Her Mental Health In The Past

In a blog post from 2016, McSweeney opened up about having Bipolar II and her experiences with it. She wrote about hypomania and her experience with medicine. “I call it a love affair because it’s a complex relationship I have with my so-called ‘mental illness,’” McSweeney wrote, “The medication he put me on that day I turned 30 was bad. Very bad. I thought things couldn’t get much worse, but they did. I became a zombie. The exhaustion — holy f***. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. If I mustered up the energy to actually take a shower in the morning, I would pass right back out afterwards. I was blank. The ability to feel anything was gone. But the worse part was most definitely the exhaustion. I can’t even find the words to describe it.”

McSweeney continued, “Kier’s dad had to pick up a lot of slack during those months. And he did so with grace and respect for me and what I was going through. The guilt of not being able to function as a mom was the only feeling I could feel during this time. It killed me. The brand suffered immensely. I couldn’t go into the office. Obviously being creative was foreign at this point. I found myself sitting on the bathroom floor burning my arm with a cigarette. Who the f*** am I? I never did that type of self-harm shit. Ever. Not my thing.”

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