CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski’s 6-Month-Old Daughter Has Rare & Aggressive Brain Tumor

Andrew Kaczynski and Francesca Kaczynski

CNN/Twitter CNN host Andrew Kaczynski's daughter, Francesca, 6 months old, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive brain tumor.

Andrew Kaczynski, the host of CNN’s KFILE, opened up about some devastating personal news on September 12. Kaczynski, who’s married to Wall Street Journal banking reporter Rachel Louise Ensign, shared on Twitter that their 6-month-old daughter, Francesca, was diagnosed with a rare and “very aggressive” brain tumor earlier this week.

Kaczynski, 30, who was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30: Media” list in 2017 and joined CNN after working as a political reporter at Buzzfeed, tweeted, “A personal note: Our six month old daughter Francesca was diagnosed with an extremely rare and very aggressive rhabdoid brain tumor this week. We’re looking at any and all treatments right now, including experimental. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.”

A rhabdoid brain tumor is a rare, fast-growing tumor in which “malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the brain,” according to the National Cancer Institute. While signs and symptoms vary from patient to patient, rhabdoid tumors typically occur in kids under the age of three; however, they can occur in older children and adults.

“Our daughter is the strongest person I know and I am confident she will fight this as hard as she can,” Kaczynski continued. “In the meantime, I’m gonna be off work for a few weeks while we get started on treatment. I just want to thank all our friends, strangers, and medical staff for their support.”

Francesca Underwent 2 Brain Surgeries & Kaczynski Is ‘Confident She Will Fight This’

Kaczynski pinned a message containing two photos of his daughter to the top of his official Twitter page, where he has garnered over 338,000 followers. He wrote, “Francesca is the strongest person and most resilient person. Less than a week ago she had two brain surgeries and she’s already at home and smiling. I’m confident she will fight this.”

The KFILE host knows what it’s like to get a difficult medical diagnosis. At age 19, Kaczynski was diagnosed with pancreatitis, as reported by The New York Times. To keep healthy, he stopped drinking and smoking. He also runs daily anywhere from five to six miles while wearing a 12-pound training vest.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Asked His 2.6 Million Twitter Followers to Pray for Francesca

On September 7, CNN anchor Jake Tapper sent out a cryptic tweet to his 2.6 million followers asking for prayers for “a friend.” Kaczynski retweeted Tapper’s tweet on Saturday, confirming the message was for him and his family.

Tapper tweeted, “A friend whose baby has a major health challenge is asking for prayers and good thoughts — thanks.”

After Kaczynski opened up about the news concerning his daughter’s diagnosis, “Francesca” started trending nationally on Twitter. The social media site filled with well-wishes and prayers for the political reporter and his family from fellow reporters and fans.

The Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi tweeted, “Keep Andrew, his wife, and their daughter Francesca in your prayers,” while Wajahat Ali, a New York Times contributing op-ed writer, wrote, “Please send a prayer and love towards @KFILE and his baby Francesca right now.”

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