‘The Charli’ Becomes Part of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Menu in Honor of Charli D’Amelio’s Coffee Order

the charli dunkin donuts

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Charli D’Amelio’s Dunkin’ Donuts order has become part of the company’s menu. D’Amelio is among the most popular social media personalities in the United States. The 16-year-old former competitive dancer from Connecticut boasts 84 million followers on TikTok, 27 million Instagram followers and nearly 7 million YouTube subscribers.

According to a Dunkin’ press release, The Charli can be ordered at restaurant locations nationwide and on the official Dunkin’ app. The drink consists of Dunkin’ cold brew, whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl. The release of the drink coincides with a promotion in which fans can enter a competition to meet D’Amelio.

The release of The Charli comes with another promotion, too. DD Perks members can get 100 bonus points if they order a medium version of the drink, getting them halfway to a free beverage.

On September 9, the “Charli x Dunkin’” contest launches. The Dunkin’ press release says fans are invited to “post a photo on Instagram recreating an iconic Charli x Dunkin’ moment using #CharliXDunkinContest.” Five winners will be announced on September 19, National Dance Day. The winners will be able to meet D’Amelio virtually and “get a few pointers from the digital superstar on how to make viral and engaging videos.” Throughout September, D’Amelio will be given the keys to Dunkin’s social media channels.

D’Amelio Regularly Tweets About Her Love of Dunkin’s Cold Brew

the charli dunkin donuts

D’Amelio regularly tweets about her love of Dunkin’s cold brew. On January 7, D’Amelio let the world know what her Dunkin’ order was, saying, “If you were wondering what I get it is a cold brew with caramel and whole milk.” In December 2019, D’Amelio said she would “really like a Dunkin’ brand deal” as she drank “1-3 of their cold brew coffees a day.”

When D’Amelio Delivered Dunkin’ Nearly 300 Million Video Impressions, the Company Awarded Her With Her Own Cold Brew Tap

In February 2020, D’Amelio was rewarded with a range of Dunkin’ swag, including her own cold brew pump labeled “Charli’s Cold Brew Tap.” On one occasion, D’Amelio joked that she drank cold brew straight from her tap. In April 2020, D’Amelio remarked after Dunkin’s official Twitter commented one of her posts, “When do you think they will take me on a date?”

Business Insider reported in February 2020 that D’Amelio had given Dunkin’ 294 million video impressions for free.

During Summer 2020, Dunkin’ Announced Plans to Close 800 Locations

Dunkin' Brands Expects to Close 800 U.S. StoresJul.30 — Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. said it expects to close about 800 stores in the U.S. permanently this year, as well as about 350 internationally. Second quarter earnings were down but still beat estimates. Bloomberg's Kailey Leinz reports on "Bloomberg Markets."2020-07-30T19:46:23Z

Dunkin’ has been in the news recently over struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic. In July 2020, the company revealed its plan to close 800 U.S. restaurants by the end of 2020. Those closures include 450 locations at Speedway gas stations. In the announcement, the company revealed that business declined 18.7% between March and June 2020.

The company was in the news for more positive reasons in August 2020, when a Maine location’s sign advertising the annual return of pumpkin spice received more than 40,000 likes. The sign was then removed. In August 2020, Dunkin’ also announced a collaboration with Harpoon Brewery with the launch of donut-infused beer, according to CNN.

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