Fan Slams Simon Cowell & AGT Host

Simon Cowell attends "America's Got Talent" Season 16 Finale

Getty Simon Cowell attends "America's Got Talent" Season 16 Finale

Some fans of Simon Cowell and “America’s Got Talent” have taken to the comment section of a recent post to berate the talent competition creator and judge.

Cowell, who was an original judge on “American Idol,” created “America’s Got Talent” and has been a judge on the show since the pilot episode in 2016.

Currently, “America’s Got Talent” is airing season 17 and features host Terry Crews alongside judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Cowell.

Some People Want a Change Made to ‘AGT’

In the comment section, some people said they would like a change made to “America’s Got Talent.”

“This show would be so much better without narcissistic Simon and annoying Terry,” one person wrote. “Quit showing him during performances.”

Another person commented, “Bro nobody likes you.”

Others commented on the image itself, which featured a strange-looking Cowell in the corner.

“Simon always looks weird,” one comment reads.

One person offered advice, writing, “Simon quit parting your hair down the middle. Don’t tell me it’s a nature part. It looks blown dry that way. You would look more attractive with a side part. ust saying. My opinion.”

Some Fans Were Upset With Cowell

In a recent episode of “America’s Got Talent,” a German duo called Siegfried and Joy performed. The audience was impressed with the performance, but Cowell was not.

“I’m slightly confused and I found you too annoying,” Cowell told the group. When he was booed by the audience, he added, “Well I’m sorry but there were quite a few people in the audience who agreed with me.”

He later said, “I thought it was all a bit stupid if I’m honest with you.”

The group got to go through because each of the other three judges gave them a “yes” vote, but Cowell remained unimpressed.

“Siegried & Joy were so funny,” one tweet reads. “They cracked me up. Simon doesn’t understand humor. #AGT.”

“Simon was so ready to press the buzzer but that last magic trick puzzled him lol,” another person wrote. “It was different, creative, goofy n funny.”

Another reply reads, “I couldn’t stop laughing. These guys were amazing. The best was definitely saved for last tonight. I really hope Sigfreid and Joy go all the way to Las Vegas. I’ll be making my next big vacation there and get a room.”

“Sorry Simon, you’re the only one who didn’t get it,” one person wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

One person said Cowell’s reaction is what made the act work for them.

“Simon’s reactions make them that much funnier,” a tweet reads. 

Another reads, “Simon you’re too much tonight. Anyway I thought it was a lil corny but it made me laugh and that is what is important.”

The act is headed to the next round of the competition and will compete to move forward to the semi-finals.

“American Idol” is expected to return in the spring of 2023 for season 21 of the show. Judes Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie are all expected to return, as is long-time “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest.

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