‘Big Brother’ Winner Threatened at Gunpoint

Police tape

Getty A "Big Brother" winner was held and nearly robbed at gunpoint on November 28.

A “Big Brother” winner revealed that he was held at gunpoint and nearly robbed in the early morning hours of November 28 in Chicago, Illinois.

35-year-old Andy Herren, who won “Big Brother 15” in 2013, recounted the incident on Twitter. “I was held at gunpoint at Pine Grove and Addison last night around 1:30am,” Herren tweeted. “The man stepped out in front of me, gun raised, and told me to give him my phone. I have no idea what came over me but I screamed, “NO!” and bolted and he didn’t follow. Please stay safe, friends!!”

Some of Herren’s Twitter followers were quick to point out that Herren put himself in danger by refusing to hand over the phone. “You run from gun point all for a phone…shoulda just given it to him..you never know,” one Twitter user replied.

Herren added in a subsequent tweet, “I should stress that I cannot control how I reacted in the moment but I don’t think I reacted appropriately! If someone with a gun asks you to give them your phone, give them your phone!!!!”

The “Big Brother” winner then wrote in another tweet that he is “on optimistic person at my core” and although the incident “truly sucked,” he was feeling grateful for “the outpouring of kindness today from the people in my life (and from strangers on the Internet).”

A ‘Big Brother 15’ Alum Just Got Engaged

Another “Big Brother 15” alum, Jessie Kowalski, announced she’s engaged via Instagram on November 28. The photos show Kowalski’s fiance, Benjamin Henderson, down on one knee in a rocky landscape.

Kowalski placed tenth on “Big Brother 15.” She had a brief showmance with Judd Daugherty during her time on the show. The fifteenth season is among the most controversial in the show’s history due to racist, homophobic, and misogynist remarks made by houseguests.

The houseguests who received the most criticism for their actions on the show were Amanda Zuckerman, Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Spencer Clawson. After the season ended, the houseguests accused of hateful speech spoke to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Some of the things were taken out of context but either way, I definitely regret saying those things. I never wanted to hurt or offend anyone, and when I realized how I had affected people, it made me really think about how I’m going about things. And I need to be more cognizant of what I’m doing and saying all the time,” Gries, who was 22 at the time, said.

Gries notably had a tense exit interview with “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves as it was revealed to her that the audience was not happy with her offensive remarks.

Spencer Clawson, who was 31 at the time, received backlash after using the C-word on the show. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t have any hate in my heart. I try to be a good person, and I know there were some comments I said that got taken out of context or even the context they were taken may not have been appropriate.”

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