‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 24 Recap

Kyland and Sarah Beth Big Brother

CBS Will Kyland or Sarah Beth win the Veto and take themselves off the block tonight?

Tonight on “Big Brother,” the three nominees will compete to win the Power of Veto.

That’s right, three nominees. Xavier became an automatic third nominee due to a punishment from last week’s veto competition. He and the other nominees, Sarah Beth and Kyland, will draw names to select the other players in tonight’s competition.

This week’s Head of Household, Tiffany, was dethroned due to the Coin of Destiny twist. Claire became the new secret HOH and kept Tiffany’s nominations the same.

Who will win the Power of Veto tonight? Will the veto be used to save Sarah Beth, Kyland, or Xavier?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:04 PM EST: Tiffany might have lost her Head of Household room, but she’s relieved that Claire won Coin of Destiny and kept her nominations the same.

8:04 PM EST: Claire says that she’s working closely with Tiffany in this game. Little does she know that Tiffany is part of a secret alliance, The Cookout. The Cookout wanted Claire to win Coin of Destiny this week so that she’s ineligible to play for HOH next week.

8:06 PM EST: Claire tells Tiffany and Hannah that she’s the secret HOH. Tiffany tells Claire to keep it a secret from everyone else, so people think Tiffany won Coin of Destiny and overthrew herself. Tiffany says that this way, Claire doesn’t get any blood on her hands. But Claire isn’t sure she wants Tiffany to get all the credit for this week.

8:08 PM EST: Sarah Beth cries to Kyland. She doesn’t understand why they’re being targeted. He says they’re a threat and she says, “don’t flatter ourselves, we’re just not likable.”

8:09 PM EST: Since Sarah Beth is unaware of The Cookout, she’s really in the dark about why she’s being perceived as a threat. She feels like there’s no way for her to reason with people to keep her in the house and in a way, she’s right!

8:13 PM EST: It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! If Tiffany is selected to play, she wants to win and take Xavier off the block. If he comes down, there will be no replacement nominee.

8:14 PM EST: Alyssa is picked to play in the veto competition. She wants to win and take Xavier off the block.

8:14 PM EST: Claire is picked to play in the veto competition. Sarah Beth was hoping to pick Derek F. simply because she thinks she could beat him.

8:15 PM EST: Hannah is picked to play in the veto competition.

8:16 PM EST: Now that Claire is the secret HOH, she’s having second thoughts about Sarah Beth being the target. She knows Tiffany wants Sarah Beth gone, but feels that Kyland and Xavier are bigger threats to her personal game. If she wins the veto, she might make a decision with it that Tiffany won’t like.

8:20 PM EST: It’s a classic “Big Brother” moment. The houseguests get to watch a movie trailer! Broadway star Ben Platt is here (via video) to tell the houseguests that whoever wins the veto competition this week gets to see an advance screening of his new film, “Dear Even Hansen.”

8:22 PM EST: For this veto competition, “BB High School Hinjinx,” houseguests must arrange high-school-themed photos of evicted houseguests in chronological order.

8:23 PM EST: Claire is up first. Her strategy is to get all the photos up on the wall first so she can analyze them and figure out what order they should go in.

8:24 PM EST: We get to see all the evicted houseguests in these photos! Travis, Frenchie, Brent, Whitney, Christian, Derek X., and Britini. Whitney is dressed like a cheerleader, Christian has a cast on his arm, Frenchie has a tarantula, Derek X. is eating an apple, Britini has a homework-eating puppy, and Travis is doing a chemistry experiment.

8:25 PM EST: Claire buzzes in but her photos are out of order. She didn’t notice that Derek X. had a half-eaten apple in some of the photos. “Of course it’s Derek X. messing me up. It really be your own people.” – Claire.

8:26 PM EST: Kyland’s strategy was to set all the photos up in random order and immediately buzz in, just in case he was right. He wasn’t. But he still seemingly finishes quicker than Claire.

8:27 PM EST: Alyssa is up. She knows that if Kyland or Sarah Beth comes down, she might be the replacement nominee this week. She’s playing to win and take her friend Xavier off the block. She says it’s nice seeing Christian in these photos. Aww!

8:29 PM EST: Xavier’s turn. He says that although he normally has great attention to detail, these whacky photos are throwing him off. “Whitney you look cute, but why you got a flute?” – Xavier on the strange accessories evicted houseguests have in the photos.

8:31 PM EST: Hannah notices that Derek X.’s half-eaten apple has one more bite taken out of it in one photo compared to another. She feels good about her performance.

8:32 PM EST: Sarah Beth’s strategy is a bit different from the others. She does some organizing before she gets all the photos on the wall. She feels good about her performance and cries in relief when she gets all the photos in the right order.

8:37 PM EST: Time to announce who won the veto competition. Hannah’s time is the best so far. It comes down to Sarah Beth and Hannah.

8:38 PM EST: Hannah has won the Power of Veto, her first win of the season.

Big Brother 23

CBSHannah completed tonight’s competition in the shortest amount of time, earning her the golden Power of Veto.

8:40 PM EST: Sarah Beth cries in the Diary Room. She came in second. She says she knows she did her best and couldn’t have done any better but is still frustrated.

8:42 PM EST: Sarah Beth and Kyland discuss asking Hannah to use the veto on Kyland. Sarah Beth thinks there’s still a chance that Xavier could go home over her.

8:47 PM EST: As the veto winner, Hannah gets to pick three other houseguests to watch “Dear Evan Hansen” with her. She very kindly picks the three nominees even though they aren’t necessarily her best friends in the house. Derek F. says she did him dirty by not picking him.

8:49 PM EST: Hannah, Xavier, Sarah Beth, and Kyland watch the movie in the HOH room. Sarah Beth cries and cuddles with Kyland. Hannah and Xavier cuddle as well.

8:50 PM EST: Kyland suspects that Claire is the secret HOH and tries to ask her what she wants to happen with the veto this week. But Claire is having none of it and tells him to go talk to Hannah since she’s the one with the veto.

8:51 PM EST: Now that Tiffany has gotten wind that Kyland wants the veto used on him, she’s fuming. He was in on the plan to sit next to Sarah Beth on the block from the beginning and she doesn’t understand why he’s changing a plan he helped create.

8:55 PM EST: Despite knowing he’s safe this week, Kyland still wants Hannah to use the veto on him for some reason. Hannah is confused by his request.

8:56 PM EST: Kyland is basically arguing that he should be taken off the block simply so he can give Sarah Beth a sympathy vote. Hannah is highly suspicious that he actually wants to come down and flip the votes to evict Xavier.

8:58 PM EST: Veto ceremony time. It’s pretty funny seeing the three nominees smushed together on one little couch.

8:58 PM EST: Hannah uses the veto to take Xavier off the block. Because he was on the block as a punishment, there is no replacement nominee. Either Sarah Beth or Kyland will go home tomorrow night.

8:59 PM EST: Hannah is not impressed with Kyland’s request to be taken off the block. “I think you’ve been spending a little too much time with Sketch B, sorry SB,” – Hannah. Ooooh!

8:59 PM EST: Sarah Beth is sad to be on the block next to Kyland, but she’s still going to campaign to stay.

8:59 PM EST: Tiffany calls Kyland selfish. “I got my eye on you.” – Tiffany. Did Kyland just put himself at the bottom of The Cookout?

Tune in for the live eviction tomorrow, Thursday, September 2 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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