‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: August 10 Live Recap & POV Results

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YouTube Big Brother: September 18 live RECAP

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode. The episode will kick off at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

In the Sunday, August 7 episode of “Big Brother,” Michael won Head of Household and nominated the Festie Besties Terrance, Joseph, and Monte for eviction.

Michael’s plan is to backdoor Daniel this week, but if Daniel and Kyle win the Power of Veto, Michael will be forced to restrategize.

All times Eastern.

Stay tuned for the live updates.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:00: Here we go! Tonight’s episode will feature the famous OTEV Veto competition.

Tonight’s episode kicks off right after the nomination ceremony. In a Diary Room confessional, Daniel says he knows he is still a target even though he’s not on the block. He is aware he is a backdoor option, so he is planning to gun for the Veto.

Jasmine tells Alyssa they need to get Monte out sooner than later.

8:05:Daniel and Terrance are talking. Terrance reveals he wants to get Monte out. He tells Daniel to keep nominations the same if he wins the Veto. Terrance says he will throw the Veto to give Daniel a better chance of winning.

Here comes another Muffin Gate segment. Jasmine is on a mission to find out who ate her muffin. She is crawling around trying to spy on the houseguests to see if she can catch the muffin stealer.

She is unsuccessful. The muffin stealer (Turner) is still on the loose. Terrance spills the beans that he thinks Turner ate her muffin (he’s right).

Jasmine confronts Turner about the muffin stealing. She says “I think you should fess up Festie Bestie,” but Turner doesn’t budge.

8:10: Brittany, Michael, and Taylor are talking game. They admit Monte is a huge threat in the game. They discuss the possibility of shifting the target from Daniel to Monte. Michael says he isn’t 100 percent sold on targeting Daniel this week.

8:15: Taylor and Joseph are flirting. Taylor admits she is crushing on Joseph in a Diary Room confessional, revealing she “falls more and more everyday.” She even says she is in love with…oh, wait. It’s a classic fake out. She actually says she loves…potato chips. Haha. Someone give Taylor a Lays sponsorship.

Time to pick players for the Veto competition. The Festie Bestie pairs competing in the POV competition are as follows…

Michael & Brittany (HOH)

Terrance, Monte, and Joseph (Nominees)

Jasmine & Turner (randomly selected)

8:20: Daniel is feeling a little hopeless after not being picked to play in the Veto competition. In a DR confessional, Terrance reveals he plans to sabotage his team so they lose the Veto competition. Wow! He really wants Monte out of the house.

8:25: Time for OTEV! This season’s OTEV competition is western themed. The rules of OTEV are simple. OTEV will sing a song that references something that happened in the house this summer. The houseguests will then slide down a slippery ramp and search for the correct card. Then, they will run back up the ramp. The last houseguest to reach the top will be eliminated from the competition.

The houseguests will compete individually for the Veto but whoever wins will guarantee safety for both them and their Festie Bestie(s)

FIRST ROUND: The first card the houseguests have to search for is the Potty Talk competition. Let’s see how the houseguests perform.

Brittany is the first houseguest eliminated.

SECOND ROUND: The second card the houseguests have to search for is the Veto Mermaid Competition.

Let’s see how they do.

Jasmine is the second houseguest eliminated.

THIRD ROUND: The third card the houseguests have to search for is the HOH Pie Fest competition.

Turner is the third houseguest eliminated.


 FOURTH ROUND: OTEV continues! Only four houseguests remain. Monte, Terrance, Michael, and Joseph are still in the running for the Veto.

The fourth card the houseguests have to search for is the Piercing Panic competition.

Monte is the first one up the ramp followed closely by Michael. Terrance is the third houseguest to reach the top of the ramp.

Joseph is eliminated from the competition.

FIFTH ROUND: It’s down to three. The fifth card the houseguests have to find is the Get Lit competition.

Monte is eliminated.

SIXTH ROUND: Final round! It all comes down to this. Terrance tells Michael he needs him to win. Wow, okay. He really showed his cards.

The sixth card the houseguests need to search for is the Dog Park “Mind Your Step” HOH competition.

Michael wins!!

8:45: Terrance is talking to Jasmine. Jasmine says she wants Monte to go home. Jasmine tries to get Indy and Alyssa to convince Michael to keep nominations the same. They are onboard with the idea.

8:50: Terrance talks to Michael about targeting Monte.

Indy, Daniel, Terrance, Alyssa, and Jasmine all want Monte out of the house. Basically, everyone not in the Leftovers alliance wants Monte to go home.

Michael confides in Turner about the other side of the house trying to convince him to keep noms the same.

Michael tells Monte about how the other side of the house wants to vote him out. Monte finds it humorous and Michael laughs along. Seems like Monte is staying put this week and the backdoor Daniel plan is still on.

8:55: Time for the Veto ceremony! Michael and Brittany decide to use the POV to remove Monte, Terrance, and Joseph from the chopping block. Michael names the Festie Besties Daniel and Kyle as his replacement nominees. He quotes Daniel’s infamous dig at Taylor in week one during his speech.

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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