Dan Gheesling Compliments ‘Big Brother 23’ Houseguest’s Gameplay

Dan Gheesling Big Brother

Getty "Big Brother" legend Dan Gheesling gave a BB23 contestant a shout-out for their gameplay.

It’s no surprise that there are some Dan Gheesling fans in the “Big Brother” house this summer. But one houseguest in particular teared up when she realized that her “Big Brother” idol knows she exists now.

Single mom and phlebotomist Tiffany Mitchell told fellow houseguests Kyland and Claire on the live feeds, “I stan Dan.”  She went on to say, “I wish he knew me.” Kyland responded, “he does”, seeing as Tiffany is now part of “Big Brother” history. Tiffany then got emotional and hid her face from the cameras. Kyland and Claire comforted her. “Sometimes you realize how big it is,” said Claire.

Mitchell and Gheesling are both from Michigan. Gheesling retweeted a video of Tiffany expressing her admiration for him.

“Appreciate the ❤️ from tiffany – rooting for her, not because of this vid but because she’s from MI,” Gheesling wrote. He then went on to compliment how Kyland handled the interaction. 

“Also, the guy in the red shirt is playing the game!!!!!!!! little interactions like this is what the game is about, subtle but important in the long game,” Gheesling said. The “Big Brother” winner is known for playing an expert social game. It seems that Gheesling isn’t following this season too closely, since he referred to Kyland as simply “the guy in the red shirt.”

This article will have SPOILERS for the first week of “Big Brother.” DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ EPISODE SPOILERS.

What Has Happened in Week One So Far?

We’re less than a week into “Big Brother 23″ and things are already heating up. After winning the first Head of Household challenge, Frenchie nominated Kyland and Alyssa after initially saying he wouldn’t nominate a woman or a person of color.

Frenchie wanted to target Christian but Christian won safety in the summer’s first Wildcard competition. Christian then had to spin a wheel to determine how many of his teammates he could protect for the week. Christian was only able to save one teammate and picked Derek F. since Sarah and Alyssa told him that Frenchie had already promised them safety.

However, with Christian safe for the week, Frenchie began to grow suspicious of another member of his team. The first HOH admitted to “hating showmances” and noticed that Christian had been spending a lot of time with Alyssa. He chose to target Alyssa and break up the budding showmance early. Alyssa was blindsided at the nominations ceremony, as was Kyland.

What Happened With the Power of Veto?

Frenchie, Alyssa, Kyland, Derek X., Tiffany, and Travis competed in the first Power of Veto competition. Derek X. won and used the power of veto to take Kyland off the block. Frenchie chose Travis as his replacement nominee.

Travis makes more sense as a nominee than Alyssa since Frenchie’s original plan for the week was to take out a “meathead” physical threat. It will be interesting to see how the house votes given the teams twist.

Will the members of Travis’s team (Tiffany, Kyland, and Claire) automatically vote to keep him and evict Alyssa? Or will the entire house rally together to get rid of a potential physical threat?

Find out in this week’s live eviction episode, Thursday, July 15 at 8 PM ET.

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