A ‘Big Brother’ All-Star Talks Forgiveness in the Jury House

Nicole Franzel during the Big Brother 22 finale

CBS Nicole Franzel during the Big Brother 22 finale

Da’Vonne Rogers had a few bones to pick with some of her Big Brother 22 castmates during the game — one, in particular, was Nicole Franzel. After being evicted from the house, Rogers found out that it was actually Franzel who voted to evict Ian Terry in week six, but Franzel lied and blamed that vote on David Alexander. In a recent interview, Rogers said she wishes she would have gotten a chance to talk things out with Franzel, but she forgives her either way.

Rogers Wanted Franzel To Get Evicted So They Could Hash Things Out in the Jury House

Nicole F. Thanks A Skeptical Da'Vonne For The Winning Vote Back In BB18Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel takes an opportunity in the BB All-Stars house to thank former alliance member Da'Vonne Rogers for the vote that awarded her $500,000 during their season. As it turns out, Da'Vonne isn't as fond of that particular memory. Watch all-new episodes of Big Brother: All-Stars on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays…2020-08-10T06:00:07Z

In an interview with Parade, Rogers said that she always hoped Franzel would be evicted — not because she wanted her out of the game, but because the jury house is where people can talk with no B.S.

“I was really hoping that she got evicted so that she can come into the jury house. I know a lot of people thought that was because I wanted her to get evicted. But it’s because I know in the outside world, we’re never going to speak. I mean, I voted for her in season 18. And she never reached out to me to say thank you or anything. The first time she told me thank you was when I saw her again in season 22. I’ve seen her in different events, and she would duck and dodge me because she knew what she did behind closed doors all of season 18,” said Rogers.

She added, “I wanted her to come into the jury house because that is where people get to talk and leave it all on the floor. We’re not playing anymore; the check’s not going to have my name on it. So I don’t have to lie to you about anything anymore. I wanted to have that conversation with her, but it never happened.”

Rogers Forgives Franzel, Though

Da'Vonne Confronts David About The Flipped Vote That Evicted Ian On Big Brother: All-StarsBig Brother: All-Stars' David Alexander tries to convince Da'Vonne Rogers that he didn't flip the vote in Tyler Crispen's favor, but Da'Vonne is having a hard time believing him. Watch new episodes of Big Brother: All-Stars on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel…2020-09-21T04:54:19Z

Rogers went on to say that in Franzel’s goodbye message to her, she said she was not worthy of Rogers’ forgiveness, but Rogers disagrees.

“As a Christian, biblically, I have to forgive her. I want her to know that I do forgive her, and I love her with the love of the Lord. However, the Bible also does speak about wisdom. So that does not mean I have to grant you access back into my life again,” said Rogers, adding, “At this point in time, I don’t feel like I want to have a conversation with her.”

As far as forgiveness goes, it sounds like Rogers and Kevin Campbell may also have some rifts to mend, but she does not address their relationship in the interview.

She Feels Good About Voting for Cody to Win

Big Brother 22 – America's Favorite Houseguest RevealedAmerica voted for their favorite player from Big Brother 22, making one lucky Houseguest $25,000 richer. Stream every season of Big Brother on CBS All Access. Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel HERE: bit.ly/1lvQig6 Watch Full Episodes of "Big Brother" HERE: bit.ly/1IzC38F Follow "Big Brother" on Instagram HERE: bit.ly/1htEDV1 Like "Big Brother" on Facebook HERE:…2020-10-29T08:31:30Z

Rogers also said that while Cody Calafiore was always a target of hers in the house, she feels good about voting for him to win because he deserved it and she’s “not a hater.”

“I’m not a hater. Cody’s resume was the cleanest. Enzo was the person who I thought was the lesser of all the evils. But he won that HoH and didn’t even nominate Cody just to take that ‘never been on the block’ off his resume. I was just like, ‘What are you doing? You’re going to allow your loyalty to cost you this game.’ I said whoever clips Cody is going to win this game. Nobody clipped him, so you can’t be a hater. Get that man his check,” said Rogers.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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