Why Nicole Franzel Hid in the Diary Room For 6 Hours During ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Several companies have cut ties with Nicole Franzel over her mocking of Ian Terry's autism.

CBS Several companies have cut ties with Nicole Franzel over her mocking of Ian Terry's autism.

During Big Brother All-Stars this past fall, there was an incident about halfway through the season when a wall yeller shouted something into the backyard and the feeds went down for hours. In a recent video breaking down the season, Da’Vonne Rogers talked about what happened during said incident and how it affected the game. Here’s what she revealed.

The Wall Yeller Yelled ‘Nicole Flipped’

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Rogers said that she and Kevin Campbell were sitting in the backyard talking and Enzo Palumbo and David Alexander were just coming into the backyard over at the door to the house when someone started shouting, “Nicole flipped, Nicole flipped, Nicole flipped!”

This was in reference to Ian Terry being voted out in week six, which took many houseguests, including Rogers, by surprise because they thought for sure Tyler Crispen was going home. Rogers had been convinced that Alexander was the person who flipped and voted Terry out, but it was actually Nicole Franzel — which is what the wall-yeller informed Rogers of, and Alexander immediately got into it with Rogers.

“David slams the door and goes, ‘I told y’all! I told y’all it wasn’t me!'” said Rogers, adding, “Y’all, I don’t know what happened to me in the moment, but I no longer cared about Big Brother … I was a black woman, Da’Vonne, who had to make it right with this black man.”

So Rogers said she ran into the house, grabbed Alexander, and was crying and apologizing to him over and over again.

“No one is in this moment but me and David because I have to let this man know I am so sorry for not trusting him,” said Rogers.

She went on to say that Crispen and Cody Calafiore later were laying into Alexander, demanding to know what Rogers was apologizing to him for and she tried to lie and say it was about the wall-yeller telling her that Alexander had nothing to do with her being nominated that week, but she forgot that Palumbo heard the wall yeller too and he told them what the yeller said.

Rogers Said Franzel Hid From Her After the Wall Yeller

As far as Franzel being the one who voted out Terry, Rogers said that she was seeing red about Franzel and she’ll get into her relationship with Franzel in a different video, but for now, she said that in the house, Franzel was freaking out about them having information from the outside world.

Rogers said Franzel was saying things like, “She’s gonna start acting different to me, you guys have information from the outside world, the game is just not fair,” and then she went and hid out from Rogers in the Diary Room.

“I come back in, Nicole is nowhere to be found. For hours. Apparently, Nicole was hiding from me in the DR for five to six hours. That’s the word she used. ‘I was hiding from you.’ In the DR for five to six hours,” said Rogers. “She was in there hiding from me ’cause she was so scared.”

Rogers Implored Fans to Stop Yelling Over the Wall

Rogers also wanted fans to know that yelling things over the wall oftentimes does not help the players, it only hurts them.

“Y’all, stop doing that. Stop yelling. I get it, you wanna help out your faves, but you guys sometimes do more harm than good. Because when they shut us down, it’s a mental thing. Now we can’t go outside and get fresh air, now we stuck in this house. Y’all lose feeds. It doesn’t help. It does not help. It doesn’t. It doesn’t help, I promise you. Thank you for the information, but it didn’t help,” said Rogers.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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