Nicole Franzel Get Real About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Nicole Franzel

YouTube Nicole Franzel of Big Brother.

Nicole Franzel opened up about her pregnancy weight gain in an emotional Instagram post. The 29-year-old three-time “Big Brother” player, who is expecting her first child, with fellow franchise alum Victor Arroyo in late July 2021, admitted that she is she is struggling in her final weeks of pregnancy.

On her social media page, Franzel shared a pic from her maternity photoshoot. In the photo, the “Big Brother 18” champ was wearing a baby blue maternity dress as she cradled her belly and knelt down in a  field.

While she looked happy and serene the pic, in the caption to the post, Franzel revealed how she really felt.

Franzel Admitted She Is No Longer Feeling Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Franzel told fans that at 38 weeks pregnant she is “up 38 pounds.” She admitted that the final stage of her pregnancy is more difficult than she thought it would be and that she is drained “mentally, physically & emotionally.”

“I didn’t plan on sharing this publicly but decided to in case someone feels the same way,” Franzel added. “A month ago I’ve never felt more beautiful & now I’ve never felt less cute/comfortable in my own skin.”

The mom-to-be also got real about her body image issues and the toll the weight gain is taking on her.

“Physically I can barely move & I now look at photos of myself and instead of admiring the beauty I’m hating on my cheeks, chins, & neck rolls,” she wrote. “I don’t even recognize my arms and legs anymore.”

While she admitted that she initially didn’t want to share the photo, she said she knows one day she will look back at her pregnancy pics and realize she was “nuts” for having negative feelings about her pregnant body.

Franzel added that she is grateful and blessed that her body is “allowing” her to grow a beautiful baby boy. She revealed that she will no longer judge herself or be hard on herself and will focus on gratitude.

The “Big Brother” all-star also said she has no plans to pressure herself to “bounce back” into shape after she delivers her baby. Instead, she will let her body do its job.

Franzel received support from her Instagram followers, many of who remind her how “glowing” and “beautiful” she is.

“You’re so beautiful and so strong to post this! Thank you for being transparent and showing your true self!” one fan wrote in response to Franzel’s post.

“Just be you Nicole!!!” another fan wrote. “Being transparent is one thing. But you being pregnant is a gift in if itself. Embrace that and go with the flow. You are beautiful!!!”

Franzel Previously Revealed She Has Scheduled a C-Section to Deliver Her Baby & She’s Terrified About It

Franzel recently revealed she will deliver her son, Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV, via c-section because he is in the breech position. In an update shared to her Instagram page earlier in July, Franzel admitted she is terrified about her upcoming delivery.

“Having a countdown is stressful for some reason, I would rather not know when I’m going to give birth,” she wrote. “I’ve never had a surgery in my life.”

At the time, she revealed that she was still working on flipping techniques with the hope that her son will turn around. In a  video on her “The Coco Show” YouTube channel, Franzel revealed she has been going to a chiropractor who is “85 percent accurate on flipping babies,” but in her more recent update, she noted that whatever happens is part of God’s plan.

“All I pray for is a healthy baby & for me to make it out healthy too,” she wrote. “I’m not taking anything for granted.”

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