One ‘Big Brother’ Alum is ‘Certain’ They’ll Be the First Two-Time Winner


The gauntlet has been thrown down — Rachel Reilly has vowed to be the first two-time winner of Big Brother. She also has her eye on achieving the CBS reality TV trifecta — competing on Survivor after having been on Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Here’s what she recently said about it in an Instagram story.

Reilly Said She’s ‘Certain’ That She’ll Be the First Two-Time Winner

In the Instagram Q&A with fans (via Screenrant), Reilly was asked if she thinks she’ll “be the first-ever two-time winner of Big Brother?” She said that right now, she’s busy with her children — daughter Adora is almost five years old and son Adler was born in November 2020. But she then said she’s “certain” that at some point, she’ll go back on the show and become the first two-time winner.

Big Brother recently aired its second all-stars season, but a lot of fans were disgruntled that the show’s cast wasn’t really comprised entirely of “all-stars.” Maybe the show should take a page out of Survivor’s book and do an all-winners season. Big Brother: Winners at War, anyone?

Speaking of Survivor, Reilly was also asked if she would ever compete on that CBS reality show, to which she said “absolutely,” but she would want to do the “Blood vs. Water” format and play with either her sister Elissa Slater or her husband Brendon Villegas.

Reilly competed on Big Brother season 12, which is where she met her husband and returned with him for season 13, which she won. She has popped up on several seasons since then to guest host competitions or dole out prizes, but she has not returned to Big Brother as a player yet.

After their time on Big Brother, Villegas and Reilly competed on The Amazing Race together twice, in seasons 20 and 24. They finished in third place both times.

Then several years later, Reilly returned to The Amazing Race for the third time, but this time she competed with her sister. They finished in seventh place.

Reilly Could Become the First Person to Achieve the CBS Reality Trifecta

So if Reilly were to play Survivor, she would complete the CBS reality trifecta, a feat that has not yet been achieved. Caleb Reynolds came close — according to TMZ, he was cut from the cast of The Amazing Race 31 at the last minute, which would have made him the first person to compete on all three shows.

Other crossovers include Hayden Moss, who went from Big Brother to Survivor, and many contestants who went from either Big Brother or Survivor to The Amazing Race. No Survivor players have ever go on to do Big Brother.

When asked which one was the hardest, Reilly said that The Amazing Race is harder physically, but Big Brother is harder overall, particularly because of how long the game runs.

Finally, Reilly was also asked who her favorite houseguest from Big Brother is and while she said that she kind of feels obligated to pick either her husband or her sister, the real answer is Janelle Pierzina.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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