Fans Think Sarah Beth Steagall Did a Fake Voice for ‘Big Brother’

Sarah Beth Steagall

CBS Sarah Beth Steagall on 'Big Brother 23.'

Sarah Beth Steagall admittedly lied about her profession on “Big Brother 23.” She said she was a voice actor when really she’s a forensic scientist.

But some “Big Brother” fans think something else about her persona on the show was fake — her speaking voice. The 28-year-old took to Twitter on January 14 to call people out for questioning if she used her real voice on the show. Steagall asked her followers why she would fake a voice that some people have deemed annoying.

“Since I’m still getting DMs about this tired topic: I had seen women w/ higher pitched, feminine voices go on Big Brother and get ridiculed for it by the fans. Because it’s “annoying” or “they’re def faking it!!” Etc. So why would I have faked a similar voice? (I didn’t!),” she tweeted.

“I knew beforehand that my voice alone would make some people dislike me- I’ve dealt with that my whole life,” Steagall continued. “If I could easily change it to a lower pitch, I def would have done that! I promise you no one is going on the show in this day and age and faking a high voice lol.”

Steagall Scolded ‘Stan Twitter’ for Being ‘Regressive’

In a tweet, Steagall hypothesized why people are so reluctant to believe that her voice is real. “Some of y’all really wanna believe it’s all an “act” … I think maybe y’all just hate seeing highly feminine people succeed but…,” she wrote.

She then called people out for criticizing her for something she can’t change. “Seriously, I thought we all agreed a long time ago that it’s not cute or funny to make fun of people for things they can’t control. But stan twitter stays regressing, huh,” she tweeted.

Kyland Young, who was close with Steagall in the “Big Brother” house despite hiding The Cookout alliance from her, responded to the tweet. “Just keep spreading the love and joy you do! Love you,” he wrote. 

Steagall Is Getting Into Voice Acting

Although she was lying when she told her “Big Brother 23” housemates she was a voice actor, Steagall has since decided to give voice acting a try for real. She posted a character voice acting reel on YouTube.

“Dynamic, versatile voice acting for video games, commercials, animation, and more,” the description reads. Fans were supportive in the comments. “Wow! You are actually really good at voice acting,” one comment reads. “Sb (Sarah Beth) you just scream talent your voices rock,” another user wrote.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Is Premiering Soon

“Big Brother” fans don’t have to wait much longer for more strategizing, backstabbing, and backdooring. The third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” premieres on February 2, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

The live feed of the houseguests’ activities can be watched by anyone with a Paramount Plus subscription. The cast list has not yet been announced, but rumored houseguests include “American Idol” alum Clay Aiken, former White House staffer Kellyanne Conway, and “Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor.

You can view the full episode schedule for “Celebrity Big Brother 3” here.

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