What Made Angela Rummans Cry While Tyler Crispen Filmed ‘Big Brother 22’?

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans have been together since meeting during Big Brother 20

Instagram Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans have been together since meeting during Big Brother 20

Tyler Crispen is definitely gunning for boyfriend of the year. Before the all-star left for filming for Big Brother 22 back in July, he orchestrated a surprise for his girlfriend Angela Rummans that arrived while he was shooting the season — and it made her cry!

Tyler Had a Dress Custom-Made for Angela

In an Instagram post, Rummans revealed that months ago, she showed Crispen a dress on Instagram that she was admiring… so he had one custom-made for her to surprise her.

“The story behind this dress: I showed Ty this handmade dress on IG months ago and before he left he had the same one custom made for me, measurements and all. Then… had it delivered and surprised me while he was on the show. Just thought I’d share cause I love him so much!” wrote Rummans.

Then in the second photo on the post, Rummans showed off the tag, which reads, “Created for Angela with love… From Tyler.”

In the comments, fans are over the moon about how “sweet and thoughtful” Crispen was. Rummans agreed that “he’s the best” and admitted that she “cried” when it arrived.

One commenter wrote, “You look sooo beautiful in it and he is the most sweetest boyfriend on the planet!,” but then jokes that it’s not really a whole dress, to which Rummans responded, “Haha, technically, yes, more like a bikini dress cover up.”

The Designer is Denisse M Vera

On the tag, it says “Designed with intention, crafted with consideration. Made in Australia” and it has the designer’s website listed, http://www.denissemvera.com

In the comments, Denisse Marianela Vera herself jumped in to write, “Loved creating this piece for you as it was so thoughtfully ordered by Tyler. I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for you,” to which Rummans responded, “I love it so much! It’s so special!!!”

Vera is an Australian designer with Chilean Mapuche roots, according to her Instagram. She specializes in macrame-based designs and her website says, “Denisse M Vera is a womenswear label that is unique in that the work is conceptually based, driven by culture and very high in quality. With a focus on contemporising traditional textiles techniques, Denisse M Vera also uses modern textiles to create unique pieces that tell a story, therefore offering a product that is unlike anything in the market.

“The Denisse M Vera woman is hard working and dedicated. She is creative and open-minded, although she does not necessarily work in the design industry, she has an eye for fashion and is style savvy. The Denisse M Vera woman is strong and cultural, she dreams of travel and conquering the world. Be a Denisse M Vera woman.”

Crispen and Rummans have been together since meeting on Big Brother 20. We don’t know if there has been any talk about getting engaged and/or married, but we would not be surprised if there are wedding bells in their future at some point. Right now, they are concentrating on their jewelry company and Rummans just released a plant-based cookbook.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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