Craig Conover & Austen Kroll Shade Shep Rose

NBCUMV Shep Rose and Craig Conover

Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover haven’t stopped being best friends just because the cameras stopped rolling. The two began a podcast earlier this year titled Pillows and Beer, and they have since climbed the charts.

The best friends chat about everything on their podcast, from DMs to first kisses and lots in between. Conover and Kroll also discuss their friendships with other Southern Charm cast members. Conover recently brought up the subject that before the COVID-19 pandemic, he and costar Shep Rose were planning a trip to Australia. The topic soon transitioned to Conover and Kroll suggesting that Rose was jealous of their podcast’s success.

“To tell you one person who’s not excited for our podcast, it would be fill in the blank,” Conover said after discussing Rose’s Valentine’s Day Instagram posts. Kroll also chimed in noting that he had met up with Rose prior to filming the Pillows and Beer episode aired Tuesday, February 16.

“I went to the gym the other day with Shep, and I was just like, ‘Did you see that Craig and I cracked the top ten?’ And he was like, ‘Haha cool,'” Kroll said. “I was like dude, can’t you just be like be a buddy?” He continued saying, “I’m sick of people not being excited for me, for like wins in my life.”

Kroll Said He Found Rose’s Behavior ‘Annoying’

While at the gym, Kroll claimed that Rose mainly wanted to talk about his recent stock purchase, even after Kroll told him the exciting podcast news. “I was like dude you can’t just ask me one question about the podcast?”

Conover then turned the tables and asked Kroll if he would be happy for him if he had successfully done the podcast by himself. Kroll jokingly replied, “Well you know that I’d be stoked, I’d be like d*** it I should be on it with you,” to which Conover dissed Rose saying, “But like a normal friend, you would root for me.”

Kroll ended the segment saying, “I was just like, does it actually bother you that we’re doing well? Not to harp on it too much but it was annoying.”

Conover Exclusively Dished on His Friendship With Rose

Both Conover and Rose are the only cast members who have starred on the Bravo show since the first season in 2014. Just like other friendships, Conover and Rose have had their ups and downs.

The two friends have had a rocky friendship at times, but they have reconciled on the latest season of Southern Charm. Conover recently shared with Heavy that he and Rose are still important people in each other’s lives.

“It all circled around accepting each other for who they were,” Conover told Heavy. “And we just accepted that we’re extremely different people.”

Conover added that their relationship got better once Rose accepted Conover’s lifestyle, including focusing on sewing, gardening, and now podcasting. “I mean on all points of the spectrum we’re just very different, and we see things very differently, and once we accepted that about each other, it was this calmness [that] came over our relationship,” Conover told Heavy. “It’s a very sibling relationship, which I know you guys have seen and stuff, but it’s the way it is.”

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