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Bravo Star Accuses Below Deck Cast Member of Being Misogynistic & an ‘A******’

Bravo The cast of Below Deck Mediterranean season 1

The “Below Deck” franchise has had its fair share of big personalities and clash of crew members and this year, the “Below Deck Down Under” chef is the one who’s had fans and alums commenting on his cooking and attitude.

Daisy Kelliher, the “Below Deck Down Under” chief stew, recently spoke out about chef Ryan McKeown’s behavior on the other spinoff and blasted him as a misogynist. Kelliher made the comments on her Instagram series “Pita Party” with former “Sailing Yacht” co-star Alli Dore. While neither stew has worked with McKeown before, the two weighed in on his attitude toward chief stew Aesha Scott and the confrontations so far this season.

Dore said she “can’t deal” with seeing McKeown eating while serving the food and with his fingers going from his mouth to the guests’ plates. She also said his behavior has been “not cool” and he’s sending the message that the guests don’t deserve more than what he’s doing and asked Kelliher for her opinion.

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Daisy Said She Finds Him ‘Gross’ & Said His Comments Were Misogynistic

Kelliher told Dore, “You know what I’m kind of with Aesha. Like hindsight is such a beautiful thing, but, in the moment, it’s so shocking you walk away going I wish I’d said this or I wish I’d said that.” The Irish native said she didn’t really mind McKeown for the first few episodes, though she said she “finds him gross… with the burping and the putting his feet up.”

She said what she really didn’t like was his comment to Scott about how many vacuums she’d pushed after Scott asked him how many yachts he’d worked on. Kelliher explained:

The thing that I was most offended by is when he’s like, I’ll look after the cooking; you look after the vacuuming. That was misogyny. I wouldn’t have taken time to reflect on that I would have…

That’s such a triggering thing for me. Misogyny is something I cannot stand that is such a disgusting attitude, I’ve had it in my career.

She joked that her “vacuuming days are long gone” and said a chef is only responsible for the galley while a chief stew has to manage the entire boat. Kelliher acknowledged that McKeown did have good ideas but the way he communicated them was what rubbed people the wrong way. “His approach [is] it’s my way or the highway, and then getting grumpy,” she said.

Kelliher concluded that the entire attitude of a chef saying, “I’m a chef I’m allowed to be an a******” is outdated, joking, “We have HR policies now.” She repeated, “he’s just a misogynist, and it’s just it’s so old school again.”

Hannah Ferrier Also Clashed With McKeown Over His Comments About Scott

Kelliher isn’t the first chief stew who’s called out McKeown as former “Below Deck Mediterranean” cast member Hannah Ferrier also replied to some of his comments. McKeown appeared on the “Pop-Off! Podcast” and he shaded Scott during that interview, telling host James Pike, “Right now, her whole life is Bravo. If she’s okay with it, I’m happy for her.”

He added, “But uh, I live a real life. I worked very hard. And I have zero regrets.” Those comments were shared on Pike’s “Below Deck” Instagram page, @belowdeckaboveaverage, and Ferrier took issue with his take on her former co-star.

Ferrier commented on the post, “‘Her whole life is bravo’ – yeah – apart from the part where she spends 10 months a year traveling the world adventure exploring with her hubby to be. Apart from that – her whole life is bravo,” she added with an eye roll emoji. McKeown fired back at Ferrier, “@hannahferrier234 wait. What did you get fired for again,” with the crying laughing emoji.

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One Bravo star has slammed the 'disgusting attitude' of a Below Deck cast member, branding them a misogynist.