Is Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux the Father to Dani Soares’ Baby?

NBCUMV Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux

There’s plenty of drama to unpack on the “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” reunion, airing Monday, June 21 at 9/8 CT p.m. on Bravo. Stewardess Dani Soares announced that she was pregnant on April 24, 2021, and later shared she welcomed a baby girl named Lilli in an Instagram post on May 29, 2021.

“She is here,” she captioned the sweet photo of her holding her baby’s hand. “She is perfect. And we trying to figure this thing out. We both healthy and happy. Thank you for all the support. Will post more once mummy had some rest.”

Since then, many fans have wondered who her baby’s father is. Soares had a boatmance with deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux over the season. Shortly before giving birth, Soares told Us Weekly that her baby’s father was nobody’s “business.” She added, “I just don’t think that’s relevant for my situation, that’s all. I understand that people are curious about it, and I understand that I’m on a TV show and everybody wants to know.”

Soares will spill more details on her situation on the “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” reunion. In the trailer, Cohen asks her, “Is Jean-Luc the father of your baby?” to which she replies, “Well, let’s put it this way.” She says in another segment, “He thinks it’s not his child, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.” Soares’ close friend and fellow stewardess Alli Dore chimed in saying, “My heart breaks for Dani.”

Cerza Recently Opened up About the Accusations

Cerza broke his silence on allegations that he is the father and has chosen not to be involved. He posted a photo of himself overlooking a sunset and wrote a lengthy caption.

“There’s a lot of gossip about my social media silence so I think it’s time to clear the air,” Cerza wrote in his caption on June 18, 2021. “While others are off chasing their 15 minutes of fame, I am working on a yacht in Central America and heartbroken to have to hear about the baby’s birth on social media and read headlines like “Dani Soares Says Her Baby’s Father Doesn’t Want Anything to Do With It” All I can say is if she’s mine, I want to be involved 100%.”

He added, “As someone who grew up with parents who weren’t together, I wouldn’t wish that on any child. Not looking for a pity party. Just want everyone to know how strongly I feel about this, especially the haters who are so sure I am neglecting my responsibility. No one wants to know more than me if this is my baby girl!”

The ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Cast Defended Soares

It looks like many of Soares and Cerza’s cast members are taking side, and it’s not Cerza’s side. After he posted the photo, the “Below Deck” family came for him, as captured by @CommentsByBravo. Doare commented, “No one is stopping you from getting a paternity test.” Cerza replied, “I want to take a paternity test and would like to do it in person. If I get the invitation, I will be on my way!”

Colin MacRae also commented on the post writing, “Don’t play the innocent victim here JL. Man the f*** up.” S ydney Zaruba wrote a similar sentiment, “What is wrong with you?!” Natasha de Bourg chimed in, “I’m sorry JL but sounds like a pity party to me …. Why didn’t you reach out 9 months ago ??? No woman deserves to be treated the way you treated Dani.”

Former “Below Deck” stars have also had Soares’ back. Kate Chastain tweeted on Father’s Day, “I wonder how Jean Luc is celebrating today.” Courtney Sayle Skippon commented, “Center yourself in the conversation and then throw insults – classic first steps to reconciliation.”

Last but not least, Izzy Wouters hinted that he may have known the entire time that he could be the father. “You do realise that when you send a text to someone that text stays around forever?” she commented. “All of the terrible things you’ve said to Dani, your self-absorbed behaviour and your complete lack of regard for Lilli and her health and well-being. They’re around. Forever. This pity party is pathetic and is fooling nobody. Grow up. If you’re so desperate to *know* if you’re sweet Lilli’s sperm donor, get a test. And yes, you’ll only ever be a sperm donor regardless of any outcome. You aren’t a real father. A real father wouldn’t act like you have. Pathetic.

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