Fans Slam Scheana Shay for Expressing Interest in a Spin-Off Series

Scheana Shay

Getty Scheana Shay poses in December 2021.

Scheana Shay has starred on the hit Bravo series “Vanderpump Rules” since it premiered in 2013. On January 5, the reality television personality responded to a fan on Twitter who suggested that she and her fiancé Brock Davies, who is the father of her 9-month-old daughter, Summer, should have their own series. 

“Love it how you interact with fans. Even when you get negative comments. [Grinning face with smiling eyes emoji] I’d love you & Brock to have your own reality show. That’s what 2022 needs, some good vibes,” read the tweet

 Shay shared that she is interested in starring in a spin-off series, writing, “We have an idea!!”

One Twitter user replied to the “Vanderpump Rules” star’s tweet and suggested that they would be interested in watching a spin-off focused on her family. 

“I second that! Watching last night’s episode brock is so cute, innocent and was obviously trying to be genuine but he definitely needs more TV time practice. Hahaha,” wrote the commenter. 

Reddit Users Commented on Shay’s Twitter Post

On January 5, a Reddit user shared Shay’s Twitter post on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit

“Scheana pulling a Jax and trying to get another reality show [four raised hand emojis] (also, there’s a comment on this that Brock was so cute and genuine this episode [skull emoji] [face vomiting emoji]),” read the caption of the post. 

Quite a few commenters shared their opinions on the matter, with many writing that they would not be interested in a show centered on Shay and Davies. 

One Reddit user wrote, “If there are any bravo producers lurking here – DON’T.” 

“Please, we beg of you, no more Scheana [raised hand emoji],” agreed another

Some social media users also disclosed that they did not believe Shay had a strong enough fanbase to warrant her own series. 

“Who the heck would want to watch that lmao,” wrote a commenter

“Not her thinking she’ll get her own show with Brock, the closest they’ll get is if they’re in the background of a TomTom spinoff show [crying laughing emoji],” added another

“Scheana is annoying even in limited doses. There’s so way she can carry a show on her own. And it would be terrible for them because they would NOT be able to hide anything. Scheana loves to sweep things under the rug or play pretend, that’d be next to impossible if it’s just the two of them,” shared a different social media user

“Yikes. Schaena [sic] will never be popular enough to pull off her own show. She can’t carry it on her own and people don’t like Brock,” commented another Reddit user

Shay & Davies Spoke About Their Relationship in December 2021

During a December 2021 appearance on the “Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey” podcast, Shay and Davies discussed their relationship. Shay stated that the couple “met down in San Diego at an after party” in 2019. She explained that she was initially hesitant to settle down with the rugby player. 

“I pushed him away for a good month. I was like this guy won’t leave me alone, oh my god. Finally, I was like I guess I’ll give him a chance,” shared the mother-of-one. 

New episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” premiere on Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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