Hannah Ferrier Slams Captain Sandy In New Podcast Interview

Captain Sandy

YouTube/Bravo Captain Sandy and Hannah Ferrier

During a recent podcast appearance, Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier went off on Captain Sandy Yawn, slamming her as “competitive” and more.

“She wanted me out since day one,” Ferrier admitted while appearing on the Side Piece With Melissa Pfeister podcast on March 31. “She watched the first season. You can’t watch a show like Below Deck and then judge, because, like, things aren’t always exactly as they seem, and there might be reasons some things are happening, you know? She actually started talking about it to me in the first scene we ever shot together.”

Ferrier continued, “She said, ‘you didn’t pronounce a dish properly…’ There was some weird competitive thing she had going on with me which is kind of silly because two positions shouldn’t be competing. I don’t think we were competing on our work positions, I think she was competitive with me on the TV side of things.”

Ferrier was a Chief Stewardess on Below Deck Mediterranean during seasons one through five. However, halfway through season five, Ferrier was fired by Yawn after it was discovered that she had an unregistered prescription of Valium and a CBD vape pen on board with her. Yawn and Bosun Malia White claimed that this was a violation of maritime law.

Captain Sandy Yawn Said She Has ‘No Regrets’ About Firing Hannah

After Yawn fired Ferrier, she told E! News that she had no regrets about how it all went down. “Imagine walking in my shoes, it was challenging,” Yawn said about Ferrier and the other firings that happened during season five. “The Maritime industry has a certain standard…My number one priority is the client.”

Yawn also revealed that she has no plans to work with Ferrier again. “I prefer to work with people I can trust and that’s really it, to be honest,” Yawn told the outlet. During season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, Ferrier wasn’t the only crew member to be fired. Yawn also fired Chef Kiko Lorran and second stewardess Lara Flumiani.

The Below Deck Med star also added, “I like mentoring people, so people who are interested in learning from me…I like people who are serious about their careers. Honestly, I’m there because I love what I do and I want people to work for me that love being in the Maritime industry and if they don’t, no love lost.”

Hannah Ferrier Thought Her Firing Was Handled ‘Unprofessionally’

While Yawn may have no regrets about the way she fired Ferrier, it doesn’t seem like Ferrier feels the same way. “I think it was handled in a very poor way and I think it was handled very unprofessionally,” Ferrier said to E! News in August. “The fact that she screamed, ‘F*** you!’ is insane.”

However, Ferrier did admit that if she could do the season all over again, she would have done a few things differently. “If I could do it all over again, I would’ve just declared them as soon as I came on board,” the Below Deck Med star explained about her prescription medication to E! News. “It was definitely not something that was intentional. I wasn’t trying to hide anything.”
Since being on the show, Ferrier welcomed a baby girl named Ava Grace Roberts with her fiancé Josh in October. Ferrier often posts updates about her baby and family life on her Instagram page.

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