Did James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss End Their Engagement at the ‘VPR’ Reunion?

Getty Images Did James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss split?

The cast of “Vanderpump Rules” filmed the reunion special on Friday, December 3, 2021, and there are already rumors about what went down. Perhaps the biggest rumor is that James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss actually broke off their engagement while filming.

The gossip was started by the Bravobygays Instagram account. “Word on the street is this photo didn’t age well. ‘VPR’ reunion taped today and it sounds like James may actually have something in common with the real Kanye. He’s now single,” read a caption of a photo of James proposing to Raquel.

While fans debated the legitimacy of the rumor in the comments section of the post, at least one person suggested that the split actually happened during the taping — but that comment has since been deleted.

Here’s what you need to know:

James & Raquel Still Follow Each Other on Instagram

Despite the rumor that James and Raquel broke up during the “VPR” reunion special, the two still follow each other on Instagram. Interestingly, neither of them shared any photos or videos of each other after the taping wrapped.

Neither James or Raquel have made any significant changes to their social media accounts, and both still have photos of one another on their respective feeds. If they did indeed split, it’s possible that they will keep it under wraps until the reunion airs.

A Reddit thread was started shortly after the rumor was posted and fans have weighed the probability of this piece of gossip actually being true. While most fans know that many social media rumors are bogus, there seem to be a few people who think that James and Raquel may have actually split. Did something come out about James that caused Raquel to realize that she doesn’t want to marry him?

“I know you all have one million questions [and] you all know I can’t give you the answers you are looking for. What I will say is watch the reunion,” a message from the Bravobygays account read.

Many Fans Want James & Raquel to Split

Whether the rumor about the split is true or not, many fans seem to be completely on board with James and Raquel breaking things off. In fact, fans recently discussed the relationship between these two, and many have long felt that James isn’t the right person for Raquel.

Moreover, on the Reddit thread that was started to discuss the Bravobygays rumor, fans didn’t seem too heartbroken by a potential James and Raquel split.

“I wish this was true . He has some demons to work through and Raquel should RUN,” one Redditor commented.

“I really hope she dumped him he treats her like such shit. It’s obviously an abusive relationship,” added another.

“She could do so much better. I hope it’s true. I’d like to see her with somebody much kinder,” a third person wrote.

“Honestly, I hope so. James was slowly starting to win me over, but the comments about raquels nose were extremely inappropriate and honestly scary. Makes me worry for Raquel, she deserves better,” a fourth Redditor added.

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