Lisa Vanderpump Shades Jax Taylor Amid His Feud With Stassi Schroeder

Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor.

Getty Images Lisa Vanderpump shades Jax Taylor.

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark are no longer on speaking terms with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright after the latter made a last minute decision to skip out on the former’s wedding in Italy.

While it’s unclear exactly what went down because both sides have different recollections of how things played out, it’s no secret that the friendship has been severed.

Although none of the aforementioned people are still on “Vanderpump Rules,” the friend group had still be hanging around together and would often share get togethers with their kids on social media. The off-screen drama has affected the whole group and many have opinions on what went down, what’s continuing to go down, and they hope things will play out.

One of those people is Lisa Vanderpump, who knows both Schroeder and Taylor extremely well.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vanderpump Threw Shade at Taylor & Believes Schroeder Is Genuinely ‘Hurt’

In July 2022, Vanderpump chatted with Us Weekly about the feud.

“Maybe Stassi doesn’t believe their excuse, I don’t know why. Jax Taylor’s always been the most honest person I’ve ever…” Vanderpump told the outlet, suggesting that Taylor is known to stretch the truth.

“Listen, I’m sure Stassi is coming from a place of hurt, not a place of anger. I think she’s probably hurt because, you know, she was with Jax for a long time. They started this journey together and she probably wanted them there, you know? And sometimes you lash out because you just kind of really feel that you’re not getting the support that you really deserved, but I don’t know,” Vanderpump continued.

“The whole world had changed, people weren’t traveling in big groups and it was a very different thing. But, obviously, the fact that she wanted them and they were still invited, it means they’re very special in her life. And she probably was very upset about it. But if they’ve got legitimate reasons, s*** happens. Sometimes you just can’t go,” she added.

Taylor & Cartwright Supposedly Sent Money to Schroeder & Clark but They Returned it, According to Scheana Shay

While most of the friend group hopes that Schroeder and Taylor can work things out, it’s not looking too positive.

Although Schroeder and Taylor don’t agree on how things played out ahead of the wedding, Taylor and Cartwright decided to sent Schroeder and Clark money to cover their portion of the wedding — such as the meal.

Us Weekly chatted with Scheana Shay at the grand opening of Schwartz & Sandy’s on July 19, 2022, and Shay revealed that Schroeder actually “sent the money back.”

“Brittany had paid for the plates because she couldn’t make it,” Shay told the outlet. She added that Schroeder put “Scheananigans podcast” as the note, likely referring to Cartwright’s interview with Shay in which she discussed what transpired ahead of Schroeder and Clark’s wedding from her perspective.

Schroeder and Clark have discussed the feud on their podcast but haven’t given it too much attention or airtime in recent weeks. The last time Cartwright addressed the feud was on Shay’s podcast. And while Cartwright seems to want to resolve things, Schroeder and Clark seem as though they’re completely done with the friendship.

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