Madison LeCroy Claps Back at Austen Kroll’s New Girlfriend

Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers

Bravo Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers.

Madison LeCroy was fired up following  the season 8 premiere of “Southern Charm.” The South Carolina salon owner not only dissed her ex, Austen Kroll, but she posted a not-so-cryptic comment that seems to be aimed at his new flame.

LeCroy and Kroll had a rocky on-and-off relationship, but in December 2020, Us Weekly confirmed they had split for good.  LeCroy is now engaged to Brett Randle.

On the “Southern Charm” premiere episode, LeCroy and Kroll ran into one another at Kathryn Dennis’ 30th birthday party, and the Kings Calling Brewer founder noted that he would have “bet a million dollars” that she would show up at the party.

“Do you have a million to bet?” LeCroy coyly asked her ex, to which he admitted, “No, I do not.”

Later in the episode, Kroll’s date, Olivia Flowers, complained that her first date with the brewery owner shouldn’t be about his ex.

“We shouldn’t be going on our first date and be talking about homegirl,” Flowers said on camera.

Madison LeCroy Posted a Comeback to Olivia Flowers’ ‘Homegirl’ Comment

Shortly after the episode aired, LeCroy posted to Instagram to share a selfie of her wearing sunglasses while seated at an outdoor restaurant. The Bravo star had a martini in front of her as she posed with her engagement ring clearly visible.

“I’d rather be a homegirl than a homely girl,” LeCroy captioned the pic.

Several fans reacted to say the caption seemed to be a diss at Flowers.

When one follower wrote ”Petty,” Lecroy replied with, “Do no harm, take no s***.”

Another wrote to LeCroy: “The sad thing is that you spend so much time showing the world how ‘beautiful’ you are, selling anything/everything as an influencer….just to blow it all with a post like this that shows your true heart.“

“This post wasn’t for you babe!” LeCroy replied.

“But it was to all homely girls? What is a homely girl? Not a good look for you as a person or mom,” another commenter wrote to the “Southern Charm” star.

But others defended LeCroy and her caption.

“Hahaha Oh the shade,” one fan wrote.

“Daaammnn!!! Best clap back ever. #teammadison,” another agreed.

“Dead! Dying! Classic slay!” another added.

“Her comment was a response to the shade Olivia threw on the SC premiere. it’s directed at her, not anyone else. get a grip,” another fan wrote.

Flowers also got the message. On her Instagram story on June 26, Flowers shared a photo of her herself eating Doritos in bed with the caption, “Homely? More like home body.”

Austen Kroll’s Relationship With Olivia Flowers Started in Summer 2021, While Madison LeCroy Got Engaged to Brett Randle in October 2021

LeCroy is certainly not mourning the end of her relationship with Kroll at this point. In April 2021, she began dating new love Brett Randle after meeting him during a  trip to Arizona, and by October she was engaged to him, according to People. In May 2022, LeCroy and her fiancé purchased a new house together in South Carolina.

As for Kroll, he recently told Us Weekly that he was happy to introduce Flowers as his new girlfriend on “Southern Charm.”

“Olivia is this lovely, lovely woman who is now a cast member,” he told the outlet. “I’m just so excited for people to meet her. She truly, in my opinion, brings the charming back to our show.”

In May 2022,  Kroll and Flowers were photographed while on a couple’s trip to Napa Valley, California with “Southern Charm” star Shep Rose and his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, according to Page Six. Some fans think Flowers is a Madison LeCroy lookalike.

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