Paris Hilton Reacts to Her Mom’s Role on ‘RHOBH’

Kathy Hilton

Getty Paris Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton with Kyle Richards arrive at the NBC Universal Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star Party at the Langham Huntington Hotel

Paris Hilton spoke out about her mom Kathy Hilton’s casting on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The socialite and celebrity DJ admitted that she is worried about her mom’s upcoming role on the 11th season of the  Bravo reality show.

Kathy, 61,  is best known for her philanthropic work, but she’s not a  total stranger to reality TV. She made several cameos on Paris’ former reality show The Simple Life and appeared on Life With La Toya, according to her IMDB page. Kathy has also turned up as a guest in 11 episodes of RHOBH alongside her sisters Kyle Richards and Kim Richards.

But for RHOBH Season 11, she will be a bona fide “Friend” of the Housewives, putting her at the same status as last season’s newcomer Sutton Stracke.

Here’s what Paris Hilton said about her mom Kathy’s new TV venture.

Paris Is Worried That Her Mom Will Get Involved in Drama on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

On a recent episode of her This is Paris podcast, the eldest daughter of Rick and Kathy Hilton said she doesn’t know what to think about her mom’s role on RHOBH because she stopped watching the show.

“My mom is so hilarious and so beautiful and so much fun. But I haven’t watched that show actually in a while. I used to watch it in the beginning. But then it’s so much drama,” Paris said, per Screenrant. “It’s hard because both of my aunts are on the show and they would have these fights and arguments and when you’re watching your family do that, it’s kind of just weird to watch.”

Paris added that she hopes her mom is not “dragged” into any manufactured reality TV drama.

“I hope that my mom doesn’t get into arguments with people because I feel like those type of shows feed off of that and they want everyone to fight and they love the drama and I just don’t want my mom having to argue with people on national television,”  she said. “It’s my mom so I’m going to tune in and see what’s happening. I know that she’ll be entertaining.”

The Famous Family’s Dirty Laundry Was a Major Storyline In the Early Seasons of ‘RHOBH’

There is also always the chance that some Hilton family dirty laundry could be aired on the new season. The first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended with a major fight between Kathy’s sisters, Kim and Kyle, during which Kyle outed her older sister as an alcoholic.

An insider for the current RHOBH season revealed that Kyle, the lone original RHOBH cast member, butted heads with Kathy during filming for Season 11.

“There’s definitely been a clash of egos while filming,” a source told Life & Style. “Kathy is a big personality and Kyle is petrified she’ll try to steal her thunder. The sibling rivalry is already intense and it’s bound to get worse!”

The famous sisters did have a falling out several years ago when Kyle produced American Woman,  a TV series that was loosely based on her childhood with mom Kathleen Dugan in the 1970s. Kim and Kathy stopped talking to Kyle for months over the project,  according to Us Weekly.

While they eventually made up, the sisters’ RHOBH roles could once again put a spotlight on their family. The Life & Style insider dished that Kyle fears that possible cameos by her famous nieces Paris and Nicky Hilton could cause the Hilton side of the family to steal the spotlight on the reality show she has helmed since 2010.

“Kyle adores her nieces, but she feels like Paris and Nicky can help increase Kathy’s popularity, especially if they make a lot of appearances on the show,” the source shared. “She’s scared that the Hiltons will push her out of the spotlight.”

Kyle’s bestie, former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp is already a fan of the show’s newest cast member.

“Kyle’s sister [Kathy] is hilarious. I can’t wait to see her,” Teddi told Us Weekly. “She is going to be TV gold. She’s so funny. She lights up the screen.”

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