‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Lashes Out at Fan Favorite Co-Star

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Bravo Below Deck

The newest “Below Deck” spinoff, “Below Deck Down Under,” has been delivering on all fronts as fans have come to expect from the hit Bravo franchise. That includes, of course, some drama between cast members, and this season, chief stewardess Aesha Scott and Chef Ryan McKeown have been the two frequently butting heads.

It appears as though the two don’t work out their issues as the shade between the chef and chief stew has continued off the screen and on social media. Recently, McKeown called out Scott as “scum” on Instagram. Many fans have been calling out the chef in his Instagram comments over what they’ve perceived as his negative and rude attitude toward crew members and guests and on April 7, he replied to several people.

One person asked, “Was it a goal to be the villain of the season???? Or does it get better because…..i can’t comprehend why you’d be so disrespectful to everyone on such a regular basis without a motive to get air time or something. McKeown replied, “so you obviously think reality tv is real. Good luck.” Another person then answered, “so your not a total douche? It was all edited? You didn’t call a woman a ratchet bitch? That was editing? Or calling Ashia a scumbag, Editing?” McKeown simply answered, “Aesha is scum.” Those comments are available on this post:

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McKeown Has Already Shaded Scott on Social Media Before

It’s not the first time McKeown has called out the chief stew on social media after the season premiered. One of the crew members, Tumi Mhlongo, shared a photo of the four female cast members and wrote, “There’s NO LIMIT to what WE as women can accomplish. Love you crazies.” However, McKeown took the photo and reposted it on his Instagram with the caption “Dream Team,” with Kate Chastain’s face photoshopped onto Scott’s face.

The tension that existed between McKeown and Scott since the start of the season threatened to bubble over recently after Scott couldn’t find muesli to serve for breakfast. The two argued about how to be more prepared for last-minute requests from charter guests and Scott said, “how many yachts have you actually worked on?” McKeown clapped back, “I don’t know, how many vacuums have you pushed, how many f****** frying pans did you flip? You stick to vacuums, I’ll stick to cooking.”

Afterward, Scott shared in a confessional that she thought she handled the confrontation really “uselessly.” She said, “What I had meant to say was, ‘Hey, Ryan. These guests are paying thousands of dollars to be here, so could you please put just a little bit of time into their very simple breakfast request?’ But within two sentences, he somehow flipped it and turned it into a completely different conversation.”

McKeown Said His Arrogance Was in Response to Scott’s Attitude

McKeown said the way Scott came in rubbed him the wrong way and called it an “arrogant question.” He told Bravo, “Instead of, like, you know, communicating it in a way, it’s just, I think her choice of words [was] poor. She kinda came in at a time where I was probably, may have been already frustrated, and I don’t think she approached it properly.

The American chef said he thought the bad blood between the two cast members began from the very start of the season. “Can you recall Episode 1?” he shared. “What was one of the first things she said to me? ‘What kind of person — are you cheffy?’ So, I’m pretty sure arrogance started with her.” He added:

I mean, I didn’t go in there and ask her, ‘What kinda chief stew are you? How many boats have you worked on?’ So, I’m pretty sure she set the tone. Actually, I know she set the tone, and it really impacted me from day one on having to work with her. So, my arrogance was stemmed by her.

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