‘Pump Rules’ Fans Call Scheana Shay & Brock Davies ‘Selfish’

Getty Images Scheana Shay slammed for considering tying the knot at James and Raquel's engagement party.

On the January 11, 2022, episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” fans watched as Brock Davies got down on one knee and proposed to Scheana Shay. Of course, Scheana said yes, and, believe it or not, talk of a wedding started straight away.

While the engagement may have been a long time coming, Brock and Scheana seemed to want to take advantage of an upcoming trip to the Santa Ynez valley and exchange vows — secretly — during their stay. The problem? Brock and Scheana were going to Santa Ynez to celebrate James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ engagement.

“I wanted to do this [over] the summer with you, but the only time we have, is when we go away this week,” Brock tells Scheana shortly after giving her a ring. As Brock hints at getting married at the Sunstone Winery — where James and Raquel’s engagement party is set to be held — Scheana immediately shakes her head “no,” and says that she doesn’t even think she should wear her ring to the event because she didn’t want to take away from James and Raquel.

Nevertheless, Brock persisted. He told Scheana that he wanted to “sneak away to a secret place” with only Scheana’s mother, the couple’s daughter, Summer Moon, and their friends Tom Sandoval — an ordained minister — and Ariana Madix. “We will lie through our teeth,” Brock said, adding that they wouldn’t tell anyone that they tied the knot “until enough time cleared that they can’t care, because this is about us,” he said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Thought Brock & Scheana’s Idea to Get Married While at James & Raquel’s Engagement Party Was ‘Selfish’

Brock’s plan was to wake up one morning while in Santa Ynez, and head to an undisclosed location where they could exchange vows privately, and not tell anyone.

“We’ll be secretly married, and no one will know about our little secret,” he said.

“I see no point in waiting to get married,” Scheana said in a confessional interview. “Why not just do it this weekend?” she added.

These particular wedding plans didn’t go over too well with fans of the show, however. Many took to a Reddit thread to share their feelings on Brock and Scheana’s secret wedding plans.

“They’re both just so self-absorbed and selfish. It’s really sh****, shady, and tacky of Scheana and Brock to use James and Raquel’s engagement to get married. Even if it’s secret. Even if they didn’t go through with it. Just the fact that they were ok with going through with it like that, and coercing Ariana and Tom into helping them. It’s sickening to me,” one Redditor wrote.

“The fact that she said ‘we already celebrated them in Palm Springs’ implying she can take this weekend for herself just goes to show how selfish and delusional she is,” added another.

“Scheana would absolutely lose her sh** if anyone did this to her. And they can claim it’s in secret but they know that it’s a rival storyline to take away from James and Raquel’s moment so it’s not a secret at all. The entire point is to get the cameras on them. It’s disgusting,” a third person added.

Tom Sandoval Had Doubts About the Secret Plan

Scheana and Brock didn’t end up going through with their secret wedding plan, although Scheana did pack her wedding dress — and her backup wedding dress.

Before they arrived in Santa Ynez, Sandoval told Ariana that he wasn’t sure if Scheana and Brock should go through with the wedding because he did feel about about stealing James and Raquel’s thunder — even if they didn’t find out about it.

“I’m really nervous,” Sandoval later told Brock. After a conversation between Sandoval and Scheana, things ended up back on track, but then — a cliffhanger.

As far as the public knows, Scheana and Brock didn’t end up getting married — and they still haven’t gotten married. The finale of the show, slated to air on January 18, 2022, will show how everything shakes out. Meanwhile, James and Raquel have since ended their engagement.

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