Scheana Shay Slammed as ‘Tone Deaf’ for Podcast With Brock Davies’ Sisters

Scheana Shay.

Getty Images Scheana Shay criticized for being "tone deaf."

Scheana Shay is being slammed by fans as “tone deaf” after she did a podcast episode with her fiance’s family. The “Vanderpump Rules” star had a conversation with Brock Davies’ two sisters, who are visiting from Australia.

“Brock’s family is in town! In this episode, Scheana and Brock sit down with his two sisters who are visiting from Australia! They talk about what it was like growing up in New Zealand and moving to Australia, what Brock was like as a kid, and their first impressions of Los Angeles,” the description for the May 6, 2022, episode of the “Scheananigans” podcast reads.

Once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Australia, Scheana arranged for Brock’s sisters to travel to the U.S. along with his mom, who was already planning a trip to meet her granddaughter, Summer, for the first time.

“We surprised him,” Scheana told E! News. “He had no idea his sisters were coming, only his mom. His mom was like, ‘I can’t keep this surprise that we have the sisters coming,’ but we kept it a surprise. I got the whole thing on video,” she added.

Despite Scheana and Brock’s excitement to spend time with his family, “Vanderpump Rules” fans weren’t too thrilled with the description of the podcast — and the title — because Brock hasn’t seen his own kids in several years.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brock’s Sisters Are in Love With Summer Moon

During the podcast, Scheana asked Brock’s sisters how they felt meeting their niece for the very first time.

“So, we mentioned Summer. So, both of you and your mom unfortunately have not been able to travel here. We haven’t been able to there. You haven’t been able to meet her other than on a Facetime, so what was that moment like for you both to meet your niece for the first time?” Scheana asked.

Brock’s two sisters raved about the toddler, saying it was absolutely amazing to meet her and they are both so in love with Summer Moon.

“It’s been really emotional,” one of Brock’s sisters said of the family visit.

Brock’s sisters do have another niece and a nephew; Brock has two kids from a previous relationship.

Scheana Was Criticized on Reddit After Releasing Her Podcast

Shortly after Scheana released her May 6, 2022, podcast episode, fans responded on Reddit, and many criticized Scheana because her soon-to-be husband hasn’t seen his own kids in several years.

“I almost fell over at the description of her podcast. Broke’s family is in town, ‘all the way from Australia!’ WTAF? Clearly travel restrictions are lifted so Broke could actually go and see his two kids. What a tone deaf, vapid, piece of garbage,” one Redditor wrote, kicking off a new thread.

“Scheana was born tone-deaf, both for her singing and her ability to ‘read the room,'” someone else said.

“Brock can’t go to Australia right now! there’s Coachella and Stagecoach and other really important priorities. i mean if the kids really wanted to see him they could get on a plane and fly to LA…it works both ways,” read another comment.

“So he has the money for festivals every weekend but not for a plane ticket to where his kids live? Absolutely pathetic,” a fourth commenter added.

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