Did Andy Cohen Leak the Name of the Rumored ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spinoff?

Andy Cohen.

Getty Images Andy Cohen may have accidentally revealed the name of the rumored VPR spinoff.

It sounds like “Vanderpump Rules” may be getting a spinoff (or three).

Bravo has yet to renew the series for a 10th season, and rumors have been circulating that the show had simply run its course, especially following the primary cast getting fired after season 8. Although the show hasn’t officially been canceled, it doesn’t appear as though filming is going to start up anytime soon. So, what’s next?

On April 12, 2022, Bravo and Cocktails published a blind that a new show called “Vanderpump Valley” would start production, and that it will feature several of the OG “Vanderpump” cast members, such as Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor.

“This has already been green-lit,” the blind read. In addition, the anonymous source shared that “Vanderpump Rules” would return for a 10th season, but that Bravo would be doing a complete overhaul. The new cast is rumored to be affiliated with PUMP rather than SUR.

To add even more speculation to the rumors of a new VPR spinoff, Andy Cohen may have let the name of the show slip on a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Think Cohen Introduced Lala Kent From ‘Vanderpump Valley’ on WWHL

On the April 11, 2022, episode of WWHL, fans thought that they heard Cohen introduce Lala Kent as being from “Vanderpump Valley.” Although it’s hard to make out exactly what Cohen said because of the cheers from the audience, many are convinced that he may have leaked the name of the rumored spinoff.

It didn’t take long for blinds about a new VPR spinoff by that name to pop up on the internet. The spinoff had previously been rumored, but, to many, it now has a name.

“VANDERPUMP VALLEY?!!? Did Andy have a Freudian slip up for the name of the spin off?!” the caption of the post read. Several fans commented, many hearing the same thing.

“I was in the virtual audience and he actually used the phrase ‘vanderpump valley’ twice during the taping,” one commenter wrote.

“He also said Vanderpump Valley during the commercial teaser that aired during Below Deck SY,” someone else added.

“It’s hard to hear Andy over the applause , but it sounded like Vanderpump Valley! Fingers crossed! We need to see the newly single people and their lives,” a third comment read.

A Second Blind Claimed That the Original VPR Cast Is in Talks to Get Their Own Show

Rumors of a spinoff are coming from all angles, it seems. Another anonymous source shared that some of the “Vanderpump Rules” OGs are in talks of getting their own spinoff.

The other blind, published by Bravo and Cocktails, claims that producers are working to get another show off the ground.

“There’s another one that is being talked about. You had a blind about a certain canceled bar star. It’s unclear if they network would take the flack and bring her back but this spin-off is definitely focused on where this crew is NOW in their lives. So much has changed and they know the old format with this crew just won’t cut it. Don’t be shocked if you here [sic] the bar crew gets their own show,” the blind read.

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