WATCH: Deleted Scenes from Cobra Kai Series

Youtube Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Johnny (William Zabka) talking at the soup kitchen.

Since premiering in 2018 Cobra Kai has impressed fans with captivating storylines, well-choreographed fight scenes, and lighthearted humor. As an update to The Karate Kid franchise, Cobra Kai flipped the script from typical television reboots by taking a different perspective on the original movie and showing Johnny Lawrence’s side of the story.

Unfortunately not every scene makes it into the final product. Deleted scenes can add many things, like humor or drama. Sometimes they add just a few minor details that the plot is missing. Check out the video below to see some deleted scenes from Cobra Kai.

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Anthony LaRusso Almost Redeems Himself

anthony larusso

YouTubeAnthony LaRusso (Griffin Santopietro) ignores his father

Throughout Cobra Kai, Daniel’s son Anthony is shown to be a spoiled, technology-addicted child. One example of this behavior is in Season 1 Episode 2. The LaRusso’s are at a party at their country club. Rather than swimming or enjoying the magician provided like other kids, Anthony chooses to sit alone and play a violent video game. When Daniel asks if he wants to play basketball he rudely responds “Nah, I’m thirsty.”

In the deleted scene Daniel and his family have just arrived at the All Valley Karate tournament, and he is taking in the nostalgia. While Daniel admires a banner of himself, Anthony approaches him and expresses gratitude for his father. After referring to Daniel as a karate legend he says “I know we don’t say it enough, but I love you.”

Daniel appears moved by his son’s words and hugs him. Immediately after their hug, however, Anthony asks “can I have $400?.” He explains that he wants to get a new Xbox. Daniel realizes his son’s motivation behind his kind words and walks away from him disappointed.

After appearing in eight episodes of Season 1, Anthony LaRusso appeared less over Season 2 and Season 3 of Cobra Kai. He could return to a more prominent role in Season 4, but it will take a more genuine change of character to win viewers’ favor.

Johnny Comes Across a Jiu-Jitsu Dojo

William Zabka Cobra Kai Dojo

YouTubeJohnny Lawrence (William Zabka) smiles while teaching his students at Cobra Kai.

In the second deleted scene in the video, Johnny is going around passing out flyers for his Cobra Kai dojo when he walks past a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dojo. He explains to a group of students that “all of this new age crap like Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, they’re all just cheap knock-offs of karate.”

After Johnny interacts with the students, the teacher comes out of the dojo to confront Johnny. They exchange insults about each other’s martial art before nearly coming to blows on the sidewalk. Before they square off the police arrive, and Johnny must leave because he is still on probation.

This scene would have been a nice inclusion because it grounds the show in reality. Previously, The Karate Kid movies and Cobra Kai only talk about karate. This scene finally addresses that there are other martial arts out there.

Additionally, the police are finally present and stop a confrontation. Throughout the rest of the show, a police presence would solve lots of problems, but they never seem to be around. In this scene, they arrive right on time.

Anoush Feels Like He Is Living in a Soap Opera


YouTubeJohnny (William Zabka) attacks Anoush (Dan Ahdoot) in ‘Cobra Kai’

The next deleted scene takes place after Johnny visits Daniel’s car dealership in Season 2 Episode 5. During the episode, Johnny arrives at the dealership and asks Anoush, Daniel’s employee, where Robby is. After Anoush responds “I’ve got enough crap to deal with without getting involved in your little karate soap opera,” Johnny throws him against a car and hits him.

The deleted scene once again helps to ground the show in reality. Anoush, terrified after Johnny attacked him, asks “What kind of days of our lives s*** are you involved in, Daniel?” After Daniel rushes out Anoush laments to himself, “s*** would never happen at a Car Max.”

Anoush’s reference to Days of Our Lives is humorous because it points out the drama of Cobra Kai. In fact, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Ralph Macchio described Cobra Kai as “a karate soap opera.” Anoush shows how detached the show is from reality.

Johnny Tries to Return Flyers

Cobra Kai

YouTubeJohnny Lawrence (William Zabka) visits a copy shop in a ‘Cobra Kai’ deleted scene

In another deleted scene Johnny goes to a copy and print shop where he printed out the flyers for his dojo. He appears very disheveled and is drinking a beer from a brown bag. In the scene, he walks up to the counter, thrusts forward a handful of flyers, and tells the employee “I want to return these.”

After the employee explains that he cannot return printed flyers, and he cannot drink in the store, Johnny stumbles out, exclaiming “Staples sucks!” It is another humorous deleted scene but it serves a similar purpose to some of the others. It once again shows that many of the characters from the show live in their own reality. The show uses little bits of humor, like this scene, to ground them and show how removed they are.

Jimmy’s Car Is Not Cool Enough for Johnny, Bobby, and Tommy

Tommy and Johnny

YouTubeTommy (Rob Garrison) and Johnny (William Zabka) share a moment in “Cobra Kai” Season 2, Episode 6.

In Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 6 Johnny reunited with Tommy, Bobby, and Jimmy, his old friends. They decide to bust Tommy out of the hospital for one last camping trip. In the episode, the friends take a motorcycle trip to their campground, get into a bar fight, and eventually wake up to find that Tommy has passed away in his sleep.

The deleted scene shows why the group decided to get motorcycles for the trip. As they exit the hospital Jimmy volunteers to drive. When they get to his car, however, the gang is not pleased. Bobby, now a pastor, says that “Even God doesn’t like this car.”

The small interaction, even though it was removed from the final cut, gives a glimpse into the group’s friendship even after years apart. They still love each other’s company. It is unclear why Johnny let his friends grow so distant, and this episode shows that he could have used some companionship long ago.

Kreese Helps Create Stingray

Martin kove does not think Kreese is a bad guy

YouTubeAmanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggler) confronts John Kreese (Martin Kove) at the Cobra Kai dojo.

Before being written off the show for the third season, Stingray was Cobra Kai’s oldest student.

In the deleted scene Stingray comes to Kreese with a strategy for the Coyote Creek training event that he thought of from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Kreese, a war veteran, tells Stingray “you know nothing of warfare.” He adds that he knew men like him in Vietnam and that they were good at “hiding, and getting killed,” then sends Stingray away to hide.

In Season 2 Episode 7, during the Coyote Creek training event, Stingray ultimately wins the event by hiding under leaves and surprising Miguel while his guard is down. He declares “the thing about stingrays is, they lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike!”

If the scene were not removed, Kreese would have given Stingray the idea to hide. Kreese’s insults would have ultimately lead to Stingray’s victory. It would give deeper meaning to the look of respect that Kreese gives Stingray as he returns Miguel’s headband.

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