Cobra Kai Creator Discusses Ralph Macchio & Elisabeth Shue’s Reunion

Ralph Macchio Elisabeth Shue

YouTube Elisabeth Shue and Ralph Macchio star in 'The Karate Kid.'

The acclaimed series “Cobra Kai” focuses on the lives of rivals Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). As fans are aware, their contention for each other started in 1984 when Daniel took an interest in Johnny’s ex-girlfriend Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue). While the character had a significant role in the first “Karate Kid” film, Ali did not appear in the subsequent sequels. However, Elisabeth Shue starred in two episodes of “Cobra Kai” in season 3.

One of the Creators of “Cobra Kai” Commented on Ralph Macchio & Elisabeth Shue’s Reunion

The creators share how they feel about the relationship

GettyJosh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg attend the premiere screening of “Cobra Kai” Season 2.

According to Collider, one of the creators and executive producers of “Cobra Kai,” Jon Hurwitz commented on Shue coming back to the “Karate Kid” franchise during the Paley Front Row panel. Hurwitz made reference to the fact that the writers hinted that Ali would appear on the show in season 2. However, Shue had not yet confirmed that she would be reprising the role of Ali. Hurwitz went on to say that there was a “back-up plan” if Shue was unavailable for the show’s third season. However, they “never told [the studio] it.”

“We made it like there was no option and they kind of had to do whatever it took to eventually make it happen, because we thought it was important for the fans of ‘The Karate Kid’ and fans of ‘Cobra Kai’ to have that fulfilling experience of ‘Ali with an I’ returning into this world,” said the writer.

Hurwitz also revealed that seeing Ralph Macchio and Elisabeth Shue interact with each other on the set of “Cobra Kai” was a significant moment for him.

“We always talk about how this is a ‘Karate Kid’ fantasy camp for us in a certain way, in like somehow we are living in the world of like characters from our favorite movies and just to be there as individuals off camera, you know, watching, you know, Ralph and Lisa kind of reunite for the first time in decades. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time. You know that’s a moment that I’ll never forget,” stated Hurwitz.

He then noted that the original “Karate Kid” cast members have chemistry both on the show and in real life.

“You know to watching them all work together in all these scenes to see these new dynamics and to watch them play out and to see them — you know, the chemistry that they all had on camera it was the same as off camera and just sort of like it felt like the reunion on the show,” asserted the executive producer.

Ralph Macchio Has Discussed His Chemistry With Elisabeth Shue

Ralph Macchio Gray Blazer

Getty Ralph Macchio is photographed at ‘The IMDb Show’ in 2019.

In a behind-the-scenes interview with Entertainment Tonight, filmed during the production of “Cobra Kai” Season 3, Macchio briefly talked about having strong chemistry with Shue, despite not being in contact with each other for 35 years. He noted that they had the shared experience of being in the “Karate Kid,” which “has a strong meaning for people.”

“It’s a piece of people’s childhoods so from different perspectives we’ve all lived with that so when you see each other there’s this sort of kindred spirit that you share something even if it’s unspoken… You instinctively have a chemistry or you instinctively have something that you share,” said Macchio.

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