Thomas Ian Griffith Shares Comments About Joining the Cobra Kai Cast

Terry Silver

YouTube Terry Silver and John Kreese talk in "The Karate Kid Part III."

In the 1989 martial arts film “The Karate Kid Part III,” Thomas Ian Griffith portrayed Terry Silver, a successful businessman, who befriended ruthless sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) while they were serving in Vietnam. Following Johnny Lawrence’s (William “Billy” Zabka) defeat during the 1984 All Valley Tournament, Kreese loses his students at the Cobra Kai dojo. To remedy the situation, Silvers decides to hire a professional martial artist by the name of Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) to humiliate Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) while they face off at the 1985 All Valley. Meanwhile, the billionaire manipulates Daniel to join Cobra Kai. However, the teenager soon comes to his senses and makes amends with his sensei Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). He also manages to beat Barnes at the All Valley, even though he is nearly overcome by fear

During the season 3 finale of “Cobra Kai,” Daniel and his former rival Johnny make an alliance to ensure that Kreese’s violent students lose the upcoming All Valley. However, Kreese wants to win by any means necessary and appears to reach out to Silver for his assistance yet again

Thomas Ian Griffith Commented on Reprising the Role in “Cobra Kai”

Earlier this week, Netflix released promotional material, which included a poster and a teaser trailer, that confirmed fans can expect Silver to wreak havoc in the San Fernando Valley yet again. On May 28, the official “Cobra Kai” Instagram account shared a video that showed Thomas Ian Griffith commenting on the fact that he is a cast member in the show’s highly-anticipated fourth season. 

“Hey ‘Cobra Kai’ fans, I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you that I joined the cast of season 4. An incredible group of actors, writers, and directors. And Terry Silver is back so look out,” said the actor. 

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Griffith also discussed being able to play Silver once again. He told the publication: 

I never imagined I’d be stepping back into this role, but what an incredible opportunity to bring Terry Silver full circle. When they say Cobra Kai never dies, they mean it!

According to Ralph Macchio, the Show’s Creators Are “Big Fans” of “the Karate Kid Part III”

One of the show’s creators and executive producers Hayden Schlossberg took to Twitter to share both the new teaser trailer and his excitement about Silver’s return. 

“Cobra Kai IV — my favorite season so far, and here’s just one reason why…” read the tweet, which was uploaded on May 27. 

The executive producer previously revealed on Twitter that Silver is his favorite character from the martial arts series. During a January interview on the “Sway” podcast, Ralph Macchio revealed that Schlossberg, and the show’s other co-creators, Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, are “big fans” of “The Karate Kid Part III.” The actor then disclosed that he does not share their opinions about the movie. He asserted, however, that his distaste for the third installment of the film franchise “has nothing to do with the actors involved.”

“I just felt for the LaRusso character; he never went forward. It felt like we were redoing the first movie in a cartoon kind of a sense without the heart and soul,” explained the actor. 

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