Did Colt Cheat on Jess With Vanessa? 90 Day Fiancé Tell All Spoilers

Colt and Vanessa, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Did Colt cheat on Jess when he returned from Brazil? We've got your "90 Day Fiancé" Tell All spoilers below.

During last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Afterfans were given a sneak peek at what to expect from Part 2 of the dramatic “Couples Tell All” event, which airs Sunday, October 4 at 8 p.m. ET. Promos of tonight’s explosive episode promise even more drama with Colt Johnson and his ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline after Jess accuses the reality star of cheating on her with his friend Vanessa Guerra.

In addition to Jess’ accusations against her ex-boyfriend, Colt’s ex-wife Larissa reveals some shocking information of her own regarding Colt’s fidelity during their failed marriage. Meanwhile, Vanessa herself joins the discussion to explain her side of the story, so Colt is definitely in the hot seat during Sunday’s episode.

With all eyes on Colt during Part 2 of the Tell All special, fans might be wondering what actually happened with Vanessa. Did the reality star cheat on Jess when he returned from Brazil? Did Colt and Vanessa sleep together, and if so, are they dating today?

Keep reading for spoilers on the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Couples Tell All special, but be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!

Colt Admits to Cheating on Jess With Vanessa After He Returned Home From Brazil

Colt Talks With Vanessa Then Meets Up With Jess | 90DayFiancé#ColtAndJess #90DayFIancé2020-08-31T01:33:47Z

During Part 2 of the Tell All special, Colt admits that he cheated on Jess with Vanessa after he returned home from Brazil. When host Shaun Robinson asks Colt if he ever slept with Vanessa while he and Jess were still together, he responds, “After I came back from Brazil, I cheated on Jess with Vanessa.”

He tries his hand at a pitiful apology, but Jess wants nothing to do it. When Colt says “I’m sorry Jess,” she responds, “You liar, you liar. And your mom help you lie and Vanessa help you lie.” Jess then adds, “You know, I’m right all the time. The first day I know about that is no just when he’s come back to Brazil, he’s cheated on me with Vanessa since he’s meet me.”

She continues tearing into Colt while her Season 5 costars watch the confrontation unfold. “You don’t know about love. You don’t know about family. You know about nothing because you’re weird, you’re disgusting. You try make me crazy all the time Colt. ‘I’m victim, I’m a good guy and woman is crazy.’ Always. Because you like make women crazy. You like to play with mental.”

Jess then turns her fury on Vanessa and accuses her of cheating on her own husband (although Vanessa claims they were separated at the time), and the two get into a heated argument, complete with plenty of accusations, name-calling and a lot of swearing. Heavy will add the full clip once it becomes available, but you can check out the clip below for a sneak peak of the exchange. Larissa jumps in as well, so fans can expect plenty of drama during Sunday’s episode.

Larissa Believes Colt Had an Affair With Vanessa While They Were Still Married But Colt Denies the Allegations

To add even more fuel to the fire, Larissa also claims Colt cheated on her while they were still married, although he denies her allegations. While Colt admits that he had feelings for Vanessa while he and Larissa were still married, he says it was an “emotional affair” and he doesn’t count that as cheating.

“I never cheated on Larissa,” Colt says in the clip above. “At most, I had an emotional affair with Vanessa, and I’m sorry I did that. But unfortunately while I was married to Larissa, near the end of it, it was terrible. It was literally the worst time of my entire life and Vanessa was the only person there who would talk to me or even be there as a friend.”

He adds that he started developing feelings for Vanessa while his marriage was falling apart, and when Robinson asks Vanessa her thoughts on the situation, she responds, “We were both in bad marriages and we just talked about it.” She and Larissa start arguing back and forth before Colt jumps in tells Larissa that he “loved her and never wanted to cheat on her,” which doesn’t sit well with his ex-wife.

90 Day Fiance TELL ALL: Colt Reveals SHOCKING News About His Relationship With VanessaET is breaking down the must-see moments from part one of the season five ‘Tell All,’ from Colt revealing to Jess details about his relationship with Vanessa, to Kalani and Asuelu opening up about where their marriage stands, Melicia Johnson covers it all! This recap includes all the must-see moments from part one of the…2020-09-28T22:15:04Z

“I’m gonna tell something that nobody knows,” Larissa tells Robinson while the rest of the cast leans forward in anticipation. “While we were married, I put to track his GPS in his phone, and he start to lie to me. And one day, the day that I got arrested, I found a text from someone on his phone that I truly believe is from Vanessa, saying ‘I’m done, I’m tired to waiting.'”

In response to Larissa’s accusations, Vanessa denies trying to break up Colt’s marriage to the Brazilian reality star. She actually claims that she was trying to help Colt repair his relationship with his wife until Larissa was arrested for domestic violence; then, according to Vanessa, she told him to “leave that b–ch.”

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Vanessa & Colt Are NOT Dating Today Because Vanessa Doesn’t Trust Him as a Boyfriend

Colt and Vanessa, 90 Day Fiance

InstagramVanessa captioned this photo “best friends” on her Instagram page.

So where are Colt and Vanessa today? Did they ever start dating? While there were plenty of rumors that Colt and Vanessa were together, both reality stars claim they’re “just best friends.” According to Reality TV World, Colt said back in July that he and Vanessa are “kindred spirits,” and that she’s “someone [he] can always count on,” but they never sparked up a romantic relationship after he and Jess split.

As for Vanessa’s feelings about Colt, she tells Robinson during the Tell All that she cares about him deeply, but could never trust him in a relationship. “I love Colt as a best friend, but I wouldn’t trust him as a boyfriend,” she explains during Sunday’s episode. “I feel like he’s kind of all over the place, like he doesn’t really know what he wants and he’s looking for it. And he has a tendency to lie to women.”

It’s unclear at this time if Colt or Vanessa are dating anybody new. The reality stars likely won’t confirm anything to the media until Tell All wraps up due to NDA contracts, and since neither of their social media pages indicates any sort of relationship currently, fans will have to wait and see how things turn out in the end.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on TLCPart 3 of the Tell All special airs tomorrow, October 5 at the same time. You can find updates on the Season 5 cast, weekly spoilers, couples predictions and more 90 Day Fiancé coverage here.

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