DWTS Viewers Call Judge Carrie Ann Inaba ‘Misogynistic’

Carrie Ann Inaba

ABC Carrie Ann Inaba

Some viewers of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” are upset with judge Carrie Ann Inaba after what they say are inconsistent scores across the board over season 30 so far.

Inaba is one of four judges on the show, joining six-time Mirrorball champion Derek Hough as well as head judge Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli. Some fans think that Inaba has been unfair to the female contestants throughout the season.

In a Reddit post titled, “Let’s Talk About Carrie Ann’s Misogyny This Season,” a viewer said that Inaba has been “constantly praising the male celebs and boosting their scores for their ‘efforts’ but then tearing down the female celebs for little things.”

Viewers Say Inaba Gives Unfair Criticism to Female Contestants

The specific reference was in regards to Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke’s performance, which received a score of 9 from all four judges in comparison to Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten and Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy, who all also received the same score.

“They were miles better than him, but all 3 of them got 9s from her,” the post reads.

Replies to the post say that Inaba behaves the same way every season.

“She has this behavior every season lol,” one reply reads. “She ripped into Hannah Brown consistently when she was on the show but would praise mediocre skills from male celebs on the same season.”

Another wrote, “This happens every season. CAI always underscores the women, or finds a woman to tear down for not being ‘feminine’ enough… This isn’t a new thing. It’s part of the show. Soon she’ll start giving some woman useless feedback.”

The same reply goes on to say that they believe the show does it to build up votes for certain contestants if Inaba is rude enough to them.

Many of the replies called for Inaba to be replaced with a new judge on the show.

Some Fans Came to Inaba’s Defense

Many fans came to the defense of Inaba and pointed out that the points made in the post could also be applied to each of the other judges.

“Why is it misogyny from Carrie Ann but not from literally all the other judges? She is not the only one who is overscoring the men and being hard on the women,” one person wrote.

Another created their own post titled, “Carrie Ann is not the problem,” which detailed fans picking apart Inaba’s critiques and “hating” on the judge.

“They use the overscoring of the men as an example. Her scoring isn’t any different than the rest of the panel,” the post reads. “It’s like she’s the only one giving out 9s and 10s but wait, there’s Len, Derek and Bruno right next to her giving out similar or the same scores even. Everyone is overscoring the men! But let’s put all the blame on Carrie Ann.”

Some people replied to say that they do feel that all the judges have been overscoring male contestants while being overly harsh on female contestants.

“I think Carrie Ann’s scores can be wack (along with the other judges at times) but I don’t exactly agree that she hates women, her scores in general can be all over the map. Sometimes I feel like she just likes to be different and cause chaos,” one person wrote in reply.

It should be noted that fans have been critical of the judges all season after eliminations that they believed didn’t make sense or were the cause of underscoring by the judges, especially in the case of Mel C and Gleb Savchenko.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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