Derek Hough Suffers Injury in Mishap at Home

Derek Hough.

Getty Images Derek Hough showed off his bloody brow on Instagram.

Derek Hough suffered an injury while at home in California.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro turned judge shared a video of his injury on social media — and thankfully he’s totally fine. Hough didn’t share too many details, but the injury was caused by his dog. The incident occurred at some point while Hough and his fiance Hayley Erbert were on a break from the No Limit residency in Las Vegas. They were on a plane and back in Sin City on July 27, 2022.

It’s unknown if Hough was playing with his pup or what might have happened, but he was left with a bloody eyebrow.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hough Used the Injury to Take Part in a Viral Trend

Hough took complete advantage of his injury by making it into a video using a viral soundbite.

“Show me the art,” a woman’s voice said. “Now show me the artist.”

Hough appeared in the video holding a paper towel that appeared to be filled with ice on his eyebrow. There was blood on the paper towel, showing that he was cut. In another clip, Hough had a bandage on his eyebrow.

When he panned to “the artist,” his dog Luna — a 2-year-old German shepherd/husky mix — was seen laying on the floor wagging her tail.

“She’s a Picasso,” Hough captioned the Instagram video. It’s unknown if Luna nipped Hough or if she scratched him but she didn’t seem the least bit phased as she rolled over on to her back, looking like she was ready to play.

Hough and Erbert have 2 cats and 2 dogs, according to People magazine.

“No matter what’s going on in your life, there’s this, there’s this love and look on their face which says, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ Taking care of them, loving them, and playing with them remind me to be present,” he told the outlet in 2021.

“They’re the loves of our lives,” he said about Romi (dog), Palo (cat), Luna, and Lily (cat).

Fans Got a Kick Out of Hough’s Video — & Are Glad He’s Okay

Shortly after Hough shared his video on Instagram, dozens of fans took to the comments section to react.

“Awwwww it was an accident dad! She just loves you so much she got a little excited,” one person wrote.

“I’m assuming it’s okay to laugh now since you’ve posted a video, right?! Hehehe awwwww Lunabell,” someone else added.

“So hard to be upset with her when she’s so stinking adorable and happy,” a third person chimed in.

“A little scar will probly improve your already fabulous looks,” a fourth comment read.

“The roll over like, yeah, but look how cute I am,” another Instagram user said.

Hough and Erbert are on cloud nine after getting engaged earlier this year. The duo are content being fur parents for now, but they’ve both said that they want to start a family together.

“I know she’s just going to be an amazing mother and amazing wife and she’s so thoughtful so caring, so loving. Just seeing the way she is with our animals, I mean if she’s even a quarter of the way she is with our animals how she is with our kids I just can’t wait to see her be a mom,” Hough told Us Weekly after popping the question.

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