‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Speaks Out on Comments from the Judges

DWTS judges

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Following Villains week on Dancing With the Starsthe judges received some pushback from contestants on what they believe is inconsistent scoring. One team, in particular, was upset with their scores and believed they did not receive enough criticism for their score to be so low.

During Monday night’s episode, Artem Chigvintsev and Kaitlyn Bristowe performed a Paso Doble that was inspired by Cruella de Vil in honor of Villains Night. After their performance, judge Carrie Ann Inaba said that she believed Kaitlyn had given up at some points in the performance.

“It felt like at moments you gave up,” Carrie Ann said to the couple. “You had a moment of chaos there and I saw it in your eyes, and I felt like your spirit dropped. I don’t want to discourage you because I do think you are a fantastic dancer but this was another not-great dance of yours and I apologize.”

When the judges finally revealed their scores, none of them were the same. Carrie Ann Inaba scored them a 7, Derek Hough gave them a 9, and Bruno Tonioli gave the couple an 8. The 24 out of 30 was the team’s lowest score of the season.

Bristowe Said Inaba’s Comments Were ‘Soul-Crushing’

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight following Monday night’s episode, Bristowe opened up about how hurt she was by the judge’s comments.

“It’s not in my character to give up,” Bristowe said during the interview. “If anything, I might get tired at one point, but I’m pushing through as hard as I possibly can. I would never get up.”

She added that some of the comments hurt her feelings.

“A few things hurt my feelings, but I have to remember, ‘OK, I’m on a show where there’s judges, and I have to take everything they say, and I can’t change it,” she added.

During the video, Bristowe alluded to the fact that other contestants were upset about the scores as well.

“I’m starting to believe that it wasn’t just me. I came off and so many people were like, ‘What? I don’t remember that,’ ” she told the outlet that others were telling her. “So people aren’t just sugarcoating it for me, because I want the feedback. I want to know if that’s what people saw. But to hear her say that, my soul was crushed.”

Chigvintsev Was Also Upset Over the Comments

The low score from Inaba in particular upset Chigvintsev, who also spoke to Entertainment Tonight following the episode. He shared that he believed that Inaba’s reasoning wasn’t really enough to give them just a 7 out of 10.

“My thought, No. 1 is, does content of the dance not count anymore?” he said, referring to the fact that the routine included advanced choreography. “Because it’s weird to me when we supposedly have to pursue a certain type of dance. I’m not going to speak of any specific couples, but I feel like, is there some kind of a standard now what dance should look like, or what it shouldn’t?”

He added that he believed the scoring was very inconsistent and that judges should make the way they score much more clear.

“Maybe we just need to strip away actual learning how to dance and do more gimmicks,” he said. “Maybe that’s what the judges will appreciate more.”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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