Emma Slater & Britt Stewart Spill DWTS Tour Secrets


“Dancing With the Stars” pros Emma Slater and Britt Stewart are spilling all the tea from the DWTS Live Tour, including who can be “a bit of a ditz offstage.”

Overall, It Sounds Like One Big Happy Family

On an episode of “Dancing With the Stars” winner Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast “Off the Vine,” Emma and Britt dished all the dirt from the “Dancing With the Stars” tour — though it sounds like everyone is having a total blast.

Emma, who is on her ninth tour, admits that “everyone is different,” so you have to get a feel for who you want to bunk with.

“I remember a few seasons ago realizing oh, this person’s pretty messy. She probably isn’t now. In fact, I know she isn’t now, but this is one person I was sharing a bus with her and I realized oh, she’s pretty messy,” says Emma, adding you get into a great routine with everyone.

“You know someone’s gonna cheat at cards. You know the boys are gonna go gambling, you know the girls are gonna watch a rom-com or some funny things on the TV. It’s just really great. I love this environment so much. I definitely flourish in this like family vibe,” she said.

Kaitlyn added that she’s a person who usually “thrives” on having her time alone, but on the tour, she finds herself “really wanting to be out with everyone and laughing and enjoying this experience because everyone is so lovely.”

They also revealed that on the tour one night, Brandon Armstrong and Alan Bersten apparently performed a rap for everyone, though that video will never see the light of day.

“I will never post that anywhere, but the sheer fact that it exists and I have it gives me endless pleasure,” said Emma with a laugh.

So, What Is Everyone Really Like?

Kaitlyn then asked Emma and Britt to give rapid-fire answers about their fellow pros and here is what they said:

Pasha Pashkov

Emma: “Buddha. He is the most Zen person you’ll ever meet. Nothing will phase that man. … He’s like on his 100th life. Like, many lives in this one.”

Britt: “I was gonna say ‘controlled,’ like he seems to have just, like, control over his body.”

Sofia Ghavami

Emma: “I wanna say ‘feisty,’ but even more, like, I’m gonna say, ‘cat,’ ‘feline.”

Britt: “She’s just like a lioness, but she’s the lioness that’s in the shade, waiting.”

Emma: “‘Eff it,’ that’s her motto and I couldn’t think of anything that is more spot-on. She literally is like ‘I’m not going to care about stuff I’m not gonna care about.’ And as a result, she doesn’t carry the weight of the world and it’s so refreshing. I watch her and I’ve learned the most from her. I want to be more like that. She’s like a duck in the sense that she will let things roll off.”

Gleb Savchenko

Emma: “‘Pure.’ People don’t think that … He is so sensitive. I remember a couple of days ago I was having a day … the waterworks were flying and he sent me this message and I could cry just thinking about it. It was basically along the lines of Emma, I hate seeing you cry … you are so successful, beautiful, young, you have so much potential and you inspire so many people. It was beautiful.”

Britt: “He really is a sweetie. He’ll say things that surprise you and it’ll take your breath away.”

Alan Bersten

Emma: “LOUD. So loud.”

Britt: “‘Loud’ is a great word for him and it’s also positive, like everything he does is just kind of on his sleeve and I admire that … he has an ability to just be loud about everything.”

Brandon Armstrong

Emma: “‘Playful,’ but I would use playful to describe my dynamic with him … we take the piss out of each other. … ‘Transforming.’ I think he’s in a period of his life where he’s really developing into a different version of himself, and it’s really a bit more compassionate.

Note: “Take the piss” is British slang for giving someone a hard time.

Britt: “I really feel like I have a big sister, little brother dynamic with him in every way. He’s protective, very protective.”

Sasha Farber

Emma: “Obviously, I know Sasha inside out (note: Emma and Sasha are married). For me, I think it’s unconditional love because he will give that to everybody until he doesn’t respect you … but up until that point, he will unconditionally love you. He’s loyal. I think that’s one of the great words is loyal. He will be a complete champion for you, and he will stand by you. And he will be just a complete love bug and make you laugh.”

Britt: “Sasha likes to push my buttons.”

Emma: “Mischievous, that’s another good word. He likes to test how far he can go. Even with me sometimes, I’m like, ‘Know your audience.’ Like he will push and push and push it.”

Daniella Karagach

Britt: “She’s a silent thunder. Like Sofia, she kind of has a carefree attitude, but her relationship with Pasha — she is so certain of certain things in her life, I love it. It’s fascinating.”

Emma: “To me, she’s different on stage or on screen than she is off because she’s a bit of a ditz off stage … I think she’s very, very smart, but like clumsy. There’s something about her personality where she’ll laugh at herself because she’s just done something totally silly … and then she’ll go on stage and she will literally take no prisoners, no mercy, she is the most like crack-the-whip, insane, incredible dancer and then she’ll go off stage and go, ‘Oh whoopsy!'”

Britt: “I love that dichotomy, though. I think it’s so fun that we get to witness that other side of her.”

Artem Chigvintsev

Emma: “He’s deep waters.”

Britt: “He really is, because he’s so sensitive and he doesn’t let too many people in, but when you get in there…”

Emma: “It’s very special when you earn his respect and attention because I feel like he’s a lone wolf and … it seems to us like he processes his feelings very slowly … [but] when he talks about farming and DIY and food and carpentry and his son, mostly his son and his family, he lights up and it’s like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you had so many words, Artem! You can talk!'”

The “Dancing With the Stars” live tour is going on from now through March 27.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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