Maks Chmerkovskiy Says He Was Arrested In Ukraine

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Former “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is currently stranded in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, gave an update on Monday, February 28 of how he is doing and admitted that he’s “not good” right now and that he was arrested. Here is what he said about the whole ordeal.

Maks Said Getting Arrested Was ‘A Reality Check’

In an Instagram video, Maksim talked about what’s been going on lately while he has been stuck in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he was filming the Ukraine version of “World of Dance” when the Russian invasion started. He said that there is a lot of fighting and he got arrested at one point, which was a huge reality check for him.

Maks relayed to his followers:

Just a lot of fighting everywhere. Streets are crazy. At one point, I got arrested like a foot ouside of here, but again, all good, promise. That was probably the least traumatizing moment in this whole thing as far as Ukraine is concerned but for me, it was just a reality check. No matter what it is and how it is, it’s a crazy reality check.

He went on to say that he has “a lot to unpack” about the whole thing, but he is “not in a mental state right now to do so.”

“I’m just trying to stay focused,” said the professional dancer. He has been sheltering in a hotel and its bomb shelter as the fighting gets closer to Kyiv. Maks did not offer any other details about his arrest, but he did say he thinks it’s time to flee Ukraine and he plans to try to make it to the Polish border. He also admitted that even though he has better options than most Ukrainians, he is still a little nervous.

On His Instagram Stories, Maks Admitted He Is ‘Not Good’ Right Now

On an Instagram story, Maksim wrote that he has been seeing videos from the fighting in nearby Kharkiv — Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second-largest city after Kyiv; it is about six hours to the east of where Maksim is — and after seeing the photos and videos of innocent people being hurt, he is not doing well.

Maks wrote:

I’m really not good right this moment. I see videos of people whose legs were torn off minutes ago from the shelling that is going on in Kharkiv RIGHT NOW. I won’t post that stuff, but I see all of them and it’s extremely disturbing. INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED!!!!”

Pray the meeting going on right now will make a difference and CONTINUE TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS F***ING GENOCIDE AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!!!! It’s working and the entire planet is finally getting united about something!!!!

In the comments, his former “Dancing With the Stars” colleague Carrie Ann Inaba said she is praying that he will be home with his wife, fellow “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd, and their son Shai soon. The two of them are in the family’s home in the Los Angeles area.

“Praying for your safe return to Peta and your family. And for clear thinking so that you will remain safe,” wrote the “Dancing With the Stars” judge. “Your voice is being heard. And we all appreciate the way you’ve used your platform. Your honesty and your love and respect for your fellow countrymen and women is motivating many of us to get involved. And your consistent communication has been a powerful reminder for many of us who are so far removed. Thank you also for letting us know in what ways we can help.”

If you looking for ways to help, both Maks and Peta have mentioned the efforts of Bethenny Frankel’s B Strong foundation, which aids people in need during all manner of international crises. You can donate to the efforts here.

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