DWTS’ Sharna Burgess Opens Up About Pregnancy & Losing Her Father

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

ABC Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Sharna Burgess has opened up about what an emotional rollercoaster she’s been on lately with being pregnant and losing her father.

On January 31, Sharna posted a photo of herself as a baby with her dad and shared that he had died at the age of 72. Then a week later, she and her boyfriend Brian Austin Green (who was also her “Dancing With the Stars” Season 30 partner) revealed they are expecting a baby.

Read on to find out how she’s coping with all of the huge life changes lately and why she thinks “pregnancy’s a trip.”

Sharna Apologized to Her Fans For Being So Absent Lately

In a lengthy video posted to her Instagram stories, Sharna first apologized to her fans for being so MIA on social media lately — though we’re sure her fans completely understand because it’s been a big few months for the dancer.

“I realize it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any sort of real social media. I’m sure you guys can understand. Life got crazy. A lot has happened and I just needed my space and time and honestly still do sometimes, it’s a lot,” said Sharna.

But she did say that she is “incredibly happy” and she and boyfriend Brian Austin Green are “incredibly happy” that she’s pregnant. Plus, she was so grateful to see her family over the holidays and get to share the big news with them in person.

“My family, they got to see me for Christmas, I got to tell them. I unfortunately also lost my dad, which you guys know about. It’s been a really big few months. But I am feeling settled and strong and even though all these things, this major roller coaster I’ve been going through is sometimes really complicated, grief is complicated, there’s also been deep celebration and joy of things happening,” said Sharna.

Sharna Said Her Pregnancy Has Been So ‘Blessed’ So Far and She’s Loving Her ‘Pregnancy Boobs’

After the emotional portion of the video, Sharna shifted gears into talking about what being pregnant has been like for her and basically, she said, “Pregnancy’s a trip!” because there are “so many things” happening where she says to herself, “Whoa, what is that?!”

She then launched into a hilarious monologue about how her breasts are changing so much already:

This is real girl-talk stuff — I have been on the small side of a B-cup my whole life, right? I’m already busting out of a D-cup and I’m a little concerned for when July comes and milk happens. Like, I just — it’s a very foreign thing for me. Not saying I don’t like having D-sized breasts, pregnancy boobs are great, but I’m a little scared for when they get even bigger than this.

On the subject of boobs — again, unfiltered. Ladies, those of you who have been pregnant — what is with the nipple burning?! What is with that?! I was in a grocery store the other day and I had to literally hold my bra off myself because I could take no more contact and I couldn’t take the bra off because it was a white top I had on and it would’ve been see-through, but I was almost about to say f*** it and just free the nipple because I was in so much pain! What is that?! That was not well. I was really not thrilled about that.

Sharna laughed at herself and then said in all seriousness, she has had “a really amazing, blessed pregnancy” so far.

“I had no morning sickness, which is incredible. I did have extreme tiredness, which I honestly think comes from waking up 1000 times a night to pee,” said Sharna. “You don’t sleep more than 20 minutes and then your body wakes up and goes, ‘Excuse me, we gotta go again,’ which is wild.

“But the second trimester I’ve just felt like Wonder Woman, like I could do anything. Like some days I just forget that I’m pregnant and just keep doing and moving and grooving, which has been really cool.”

She also shared that the baby is moving all the time now and she got to share his first movements with her mother while her mom was visiting, which was really special for them.

“I actually have a video of my tummy MOVING, which is wild. And I get fascinated by just feeling him move in there, it’s magical. I’ve made a human,” said Sharna.

The dancer then revealed she jokes around with Brian all the time by teasing him, “”I made a penis. I made a boy, I made a penis.’ Which is wild to me, the whole thing is wild and beautiful and the miracle of it. … this life is growing inside me, this is f***ing amazing.”

Sharna ended her video by saying that she has been “so immersed” in life lately and the “beautiful things happening” to her that she has really had time to include her fans that much, but she wants to start including them again in her journey.

“This is really cool and it’s really fun and sometimes it’s hilarious. But it’s beautiful and so I do want to share it with you guys,” said Sharna.

Sharna and Brian are due on July 4. There is no word yet as to whether Sharna will try to participate in “Dancing With the Stars” season 31 (if it gets renewed, the show has not officially been renewed yet). If “Dancing With the Stars” does get renewed, it should premiere in late September 2022.

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