Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Host Tom Bergeron Criticizes the New Show

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Before Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars began, it was announced that longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews would be replaced. Bergeron has since said that he does not necessarily miss working on the show.

In an interview on the Stuttering John Podcast, Bergeron talked about the new aspects of Dancing With the Stars and talked about whether or not he missed his time on the show.

While he avoided calling anyone in particular out about the new creative direction or any specific changes, Bergeron said that he doesn’t know what the people on the show were thinking when they made the changes. He also spoke on the fact that he believed the show started getting a different feel and vibe two years ago.

“Well, I can’t speak to their mindset,” Bergeron said. “Look, my bottom line is, I’ve had a wonderful career. I’ve got friends who are still on that show, both on camera and behind the scenes, so, out of respect for them, that’s about all I’ll say.”

Bergeron Does Not Miss Working on Dancing With the Stars

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Later on in the interview, Bergeron was asked whether he misses being the host of Dancing With the Stars.  

“No,” he said almost immediately. “No, because it started changing early in 2018, there were staff changes and I think philosophical changes about how to do the show. So, I miss the earlier years. I miss up until that point when it had a different vibe, a different feel.”

He added that he’s enjoying his time off because he has money saved up and wants to take time off.

“I’m 65, I’ve got some money in the bank, I’m enjoying my life,” he added.

He said he still has a lot of friends on the shows and some professional dancers even offered to quit when he was fired, but he told them to stay on.

“ome of the pros said, ‘We don’t know if we want to be part of it.’ I said, ‘Look, you’re building a brand, you’re in your 30s, or late 20s or whatever, and I’m an old guy,” he said. “I’ve made my money. I’m alright, so don’t worry about me. Just go and build your brand.”

The New Season of Dancing With the Stars Has Been Heavily Criticized by Viewers

Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars has been criticized for a number of reasons, from fans hating the new type of hosting to feeling as though the judges are scoring the contestants unfairly.

When it comes to Banks, she has said she doesn’t let the criticism get to her, though, and since it’s a live program, sometimes things happen and not everyone will be happy with her performance.

In an interview with Extra, judge Derek Hough stood up for Banks and said she has handled herself well and done a good job on the show. The judge also said that she handled a potential disaster with the elimination mess-up earlier in the season so well that producers thanked her afterward.

“You know, the producers came up afterwards and were actually thanking Tyra,” he said. “They were like, ‘Thank you so much,’ like, ‘You handled that so well.’ There was a technical situation happening in the booth.”

He added that he hadn’t heard of anyone on the show being upset with Banks’ performance.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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