DWTS Fans Split On Tyra Banks’ Halloween Outfits – ‘Looks Like A Tampon’

Tyra Banks on 'Dancing With the Stars' Halloween Horror Night

ABC Tyra Banks on 'Dancing With the Stars' Halloween Horror Night

“Dancing With the Stars” host Tyra Banks naturally dressed up for Halloween week on the show and fans were split about her looks, which were a mummy and a… well, the second costume was unclear. Some fans wonder why her stylist hates her so much, while others thought she looked really pretty — and one fan thought her second outfit made her look like a tampon, which is never what you want to hear. Here is what they had to say.

The Toilet Paper Mummy Was Not a Huge Hit

One fan joked that it was “couture” toilet paper and tweeted a GIF of a toddler wrapping himself in toilet paper.

Another fan wrote, “Tyra looks a mess as always,” and another viewer added, “Tyra looks like she just came out of a dumpster,” which feels a little harsh.

The toilet paper jokes were coming fast and furious, with one fan joking, “Who wore it better: Tyra Banks or a roll of toilet paper?,” while another said her outfit “is why there was a toilet paper shortage.” A third joked, “Tyra looks like she got in a fight with someone cause she was trying to hoard toilet paper,” with a fourth writing, “Tyra had a toilet paper fight with the janitor in the rest room,” though one fan maybe took things a little too far when they tweeted, “Tyra. Making it all about her as usual. She can use that toilet paper when she ends up flushing this show down the s***ter.”

One fan joked, “Who wore it better the mummy from underwraps or Tyra?”

Finally, there was a vocal contingent of fans who can’t believe the stylists and costume designers do this to her every week. One wrote, “The stylists hate Tyra so much,” while another said, “Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman. Her costume designer should be fired – s/he designs to her flaws, not strengths.”

A Lot of Fans Were Confused By Tyra’s Second Outfit

The second outfit of the night was some kind of formalwear covered in blood. Fans were not sure what she was supposed to be (and we weren’t either). Some thought she was supposed to be Carrie from “Carrie,” but it was unclear.

“What exactly is this weird get-up Tyra has on??” wrote one fan, while another wrote, “W-What am I looking at, Tyra.”

Another said, “Had to go to commercial so Tyra could change ugly outfits.”

One fan thought they figured it out, writing, “Tyra looks like a tampon.”

Another said, “Is Tyra a blood clot now?”

Some Fans Thought This Was One of Tyra’s Best Weeks, However

Horror Night Opening – Dancing with the StarsWatch the opening of Dancing with the Stars Horror Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC!2021-10-26T00:25:48Z

There was a decent contingent of fans that thought Tyra really brought the fierceness for Halloween week. One simply said, “Tyra looks really pretty,” and another wrote, “Tyra looks stunning tonight!”

ANother fan wrote, “Ok. Tyra’s outfits are on point tonight!!!”

One wrote, “Halloween night on #DWTS. Finally Tyra’s outfits will fit the theme.”

Another said, “LOVE Tyra’s gauzy gorgeous zombie dress!!!”

Another said, “Tyra is a Mummy. It’s better than her usual outfits. #DWTS #HorrorNight.”

“At least Tyra’s outfit looks better than last year’s Halloween special,” said another.

“Sad that it’s a Halloween show and it’s the best that Tyra’s looked all season,” wrote one fan, while another wondered, “Why is Tyra’s best dressed outfit her wrapped in toilet paper?”, both of which are sort of complimentary?

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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Shelley Tillett
Shelley Tillett
1 month ago

I truly think so far, there is not one outfit that Tyra has worn that has complimented her! She is no longer a model…she needs to stop doing changes in the middle of the show! She also needs to stop trying to take the attention off of the stars and pros!!!!

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